Returning to internet marketing after two years. So what's new?

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Hi everyone,

What's new in the internet marketing world?

I was a full-time internet marketer since 2008 till around 2012. I did adwords, niche adsense sites, pharma sites, Facebook ads, cpa networks, etc but every year I pretty much had to restrategize because of the obstacles I encountered: adwords ban (I'm still banned btw, Google's such a a%^ho#$), panda on my niche sites, legit scripts stop on my pharma sites, etc.

The money was great while it lasted, but I was fed up of having to start from scratch building things every year. I took 2 years on and off doing travelling and now I want to get back into IM but I'm at lost which area to pursue because things have changed so much. I am looking for something sustainable, can anyone please enlighten me?

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