Subdomain or Directory?

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Hi Warriors,

I've been going through some more materials that I got my hands on and I need some advice.

Will be starting into niche blogging/affiliate promotion.

Would it be recommended to use a subdomain or a directory for something like that?

I'm kind of stuck in the middle because I've read that subdomains don't get indexed as much nor as quickly - however, if I use directories, I think the URL might get too long!

What do you suggest?

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    I would say to utilize both of them. I find it to be more effective. Oh yeah depend on what you are after..
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      Utilizing both would be very confusing to me - not to mention the risk of duplicate content which can affect search engines, doesn't it?
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        I think the best bet would be to create a directory AND a subdomain pointing to that directory. That's what Vince meant...
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          Hmm, excuse my ignorance - I'm still pretty much on learning curve. Do you mean something like:

 is the same as ?

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            I'm relatively sure that most of the search engines consider:


            to be separate websites while


            can be viewed as one website. If you're just using them for landing pages, it doesn't matter much. If you are concerned with search rankings and organic traffic at all, you would probably want to steer towards the latter.
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            Originally Posted by neonerai View Post

            Hmm, excuse my ignorance - I'm still pretty much on learning curve. Do you mean something like:

   is the same as ?

            If you have a server with addon domain capability then it is the same content and no need to redirect it. If your domain is just an addon then your will be the same as and

            My example is this is an addon domain of (my main account) and when I create that it creates and and to maximize it you can add a folder like and point it to I didn't use it because my is an addon.

            So if you create a subdomain for your main domain like mine as you can create and with the same content.

            It would look difficult at this but try to create one and check what folder in your file manager it creates, you'll understand it.
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              Hey y'all!

              I just read this thread and three others that came up in a search. I still don't really get the pros/cons of using a subdomain vs directory.

              I'd like to have sort of niche pages, with real content, that might contain affil links and/or Adsense. When would I want my individual niche pages to be considered as part of the main site, and when would I want them to be seen as separate domains?

              I hope I asked that right!

              Thanks in advance,

              Mr. G
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                Matt Cutts discussed this a while back:

                Subdomains and subdirectories

                As he mentions there, it seems like nowadays you're better of reserving subdomains for specific services of your site like news, video, mail, etc. although I doubt that's a hard and fast rule (whatever is with Google?)

                One of the problems in the past was that the same site could rank multiple times for the same keyword by using multiple subdomains targeting that keyword.

                I think (not sure) that's when Google started giving some preference to directories over subdomains. Of course, ideally, you'd still want the directories to be topically related to an overall theme.
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  • I would use a subdomain as well

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    I agree, I would use a subdomain as well, I have had better luck with them as opposed to a subdirectory.
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