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by SheTeq
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I'm looking for some advice/opinions on adult toy turnkey business offers. On the surface, they look like an ok deal, with them providing the website, domain, product catalog, shipping, etc. You can set the prices, modify the site and basically just have to promote the site. (probably not easy in such a saturated market, but I'm game) The average cost is about $400 start-up and $40 - $60/month. What do you think of those fees?

The one I'm considering getting involved with is STS Turnkey. I haven't been able to find much in the way of reviews. Has anyone here heard of them or dealt with them?

Thoughts, comments, advice appreciated.

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    I personally wouldn't go after the turnkey solution. You can buy a domain name and website hosting, then join an adult affiliate program which concentrates on toys and build a site. You still have to promote it yourself which will take a lot of effort and time. Many adult affiliate programs have some very good promo material for you to take advantage of.

    Doing what everyone else is doing? You'll get the same results... 97% fail. Are you a sheep or a wolf? My team and I are changing the game. It's not as hard to make it online as you might think. Let's connect and see if we can help you.

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    Larry's right on.

    I'm honestly not familiar with STS, but they have a very suspect website.

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    It sounds expensive for getting a site that they are selling probably hundreds of to others, so they will all be identical except for the domain name. That market is fairly saturated with big boys with big budgets. I would pass on the turnkey solution. It will probably just cost you money with very little return.
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    $400 start-up and $40 to $60 per month for an adult toy business? Tell them to take a hike.

    Check these two out. Very similar to each other with same commission rates.

    Also, it's free. You will have to buy your own domain name though.

    Your Own Free Adult Sex Store - My Free Sex Store
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    The sex toy industry is sooooo competitive if you make money you will be very lucky :-)

    I have a few adult sites and its hard work to get traffic and to be fair the effort it takes you could build lots of traffic in an easier niche :-)

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      Originally Posted by Danny Cutts View Post

      The sex toy industry is sooooo competitive if you make money you will be very lucky :-)

      I have a few adult sites and its hard work to get traffic and to be fair the effort it takes you could build lots of traffic in an easier niche :-)

      The money in that industry is becoming a supplier where you have lots of others selling for YOU. Instead of you selling a dildo a day, imagine a 100+ people under you selling one a day,... only you get a piece of each sale. Big difference.
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        So I would like to know what you decided to do? Did you check out, or did you go with I set up an account for, it appears that the web page has tons of activity but never any orders!!! There is no phone number for customer service and I get 1 out 5 replies to my "contacts" email inquiry. Someone is making money here!!!

        Does anyone now anything about this place?
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    Otherwise just go with amazon. People know they will get what they pay for.

    Maybe you can create a review blog etc.

    It's very competitive, you'll need to find an edge.
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    I have never heard of STS but I know is a very popular company that does the same thing. The adult industry is no doubt very lucrative but you will have to know how to market the products as the industry is very competitive. You really have to carve out your own little niche.
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      Thank you all for the replies. It seems no one likes the deal I was looking at, so I've been researching all day. Information overload! i also spoke to someone at STS Turnkey and got more information. (all the start-up packages and prices - on sale of course)

      I've checked out all the sites suggested in your replies and myfreesexstore looks like the best deal. It seems to offer the same things as STS, but with no fees. My first thought is where are they making any money? I'll have to compare their "wholesale" prices.

      Looks like I'll be doing a lot more research, number crunching and brainstorming. It is a very competitive market, but also seems to still be growing.

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        I just wanted to chime in about I work for the company so I just wanted to offer some insight. We are a bit different than Bighitters and other "affiliate" programs out there. Basically, with Bighitters, they charge you to set you up as an affiliate with a different company's affiliate program. Currently, I believe they are using So with them, your actually paying for them to set it up for you. looks like a decent program but it is just an affiliate program in that you are paid a percentage of around 20% for any sales generated from their site with sales tracked by a unique affilaite id. You do not get to control which products your want to sell or your prices. Basically, your just promoting "their" site and paid a commission.

        STS is a bit different. The cost is a little cheaper to get set up as compared to bighitters depending on the package you choose. With STS, you get your own domain name, you choose which products you want to sell, you set your retail pricing as you wish and you keep the difference between wholesale and retail. You also have access to buy products at wholesale price from your cp. So you can sell on your own site, on ebay, amazon, home parties, swap marts etc. Ultimately, STS is about as close as you can get to having full control without actually having to stock inventory, get your own merchant acct and pack and ship products etc etc.

        It is substantially different than a typically affiliate program. If you just want to promote someone elses site and be paid a commission without having to worry about anything else, than an affiliate program is the way to go... but save yourself some money and go directly to - Official Affiliate Program of and set yourself up for free. However, if you want more control over which products you sell, pricing and plan on selling via other avenues other than your website give STS a second look.

        Ultimately, you just gotta go with the one that meets your needs.
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          If your looking for the ultimate turnkey FREE adult toy & DVD store, check MYFREESEXSTORE .COM for a cool wish list program like Amazon check out mysexywishlist .com

          Hope this helps guys.
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    I would pass on it for sure unless you would like to work day and night. It can be done for sure but you will be fighting a uphill battle. Now if you wanna do it jus t for fun go for it. I have lingerie site and it's the same thing I have never really made the big bucks, not to say I can't but the other niches that you can line your pocket. If do go for I would outsource your marketing. Best of luck

    Mike Schlecht

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