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I'm looking for advice from seasoned affiliate marketers who have had experience buying solo ads.

I recently purchased 2000 clicks for $697. My problem is not about the price, but about the performance.

The solo ad provider said that he reached my 2000 clicks but my click counter said the click count was at about 1725. I sent email after nice email to this guy, and it took over 8 emails to get a full response out of him. His customer service is pathetic. He reluctantly but finally agreed to "close the gap". My click counter now says 1888 and there are no more clicks coming my way. He says he has way over delivered. He has not said so, but his lack of response to my repeated emails about the discrepancy basically means to me that he refuses to do anything else. He has said time and time again that my click counter is off, but I have had no other problems with it and have found it to be quite reliable. It's not hard either - counting clicks to a link I have given him. I found out after I ordered that other people have had problems with this guy too.

Some of you may say that 112 clicks may not be a big deal, but I feel as though I paid for it and have not gotten what I paid for. So the advice I am looking for is do I: a) forget it and move on, b) keep pressing him until I can get more out of him, wasting my precious time, or c) call up my CC company and try to get a reversal on payment?

Any other approaches/ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance!
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    I'd either try an get my money back - go through the CC company...

    Or - let it go.

    Forget contacting that guy anymore.
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    My advice. .. dont use solo ads. There garbage 99.99% of the time and there are better ways to get signups for less money.
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    My advice is to only ever use solo ad vendors others have recommended to you AND always only ever do a small test before purchasing such a large amount of clicks.
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    Try to get reversal from your CC if possible. Otherwise forget about it.

    In the future: always buy a test batch for 100 clicks first. Ask for UNIQUE clicks. Ask for proof of clicks. Ask to see testimonials.
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    Did the vendor make any attempt to provide you with evidence that he delivered the clicks? I presume he is using tracking software so he should be able to give you either a link to the stats or a screen shot.

    Ask him for it. If it's not forthcoming; get your money back from PP or CC.

    As has already been stated above, NEVER buy a large amount of clicks from ANY vendor until you have tested them with a sample 100 click package.


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    Have he sent you his stats to prove he had delivered completely? Ask him to send to you if he didn't.

    Maybe he won't send to you, and I think it won't be easy to get a refund through PP.
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    Thanks for your input so far!

    To some of your points, this Solo Ad provider was recommended, but then after I started having problems, the person recommending them seemed to find problems. The recommender initially did a lot of solo ad buys from this guy, so I went into it thinking I wouldn't have to start off so small. Lesson learned.

    Also, the solo ad guy has provided a "supposed" screenshot of the clicks and it was over 2000. My clicktracker had much fewer at that time - 1752. And interestingly enough, the solo ad guy said his clicktracker counts unique clicks. Mine does not. Of course I did not tell him my software did not count "unique clicks". I have since upgraded my software to count unique clicks just in case. At the same time, the person initially recommending the solo ad provider was using the same software as the solo ad guy and they still had a large discrepancy.

    As far as the feasibility of solo ads, I have purchased quite a few, never had problems before and have found they are incredibly successful for me. I don't think you can beat the speed at which solo ads will work versus other methods I have tried. Understandably conversions may be slightly less but not by much for what I am doing.

    Lastly, my refund would not be through PP since I used a CC in case of this exact scenario.

    Thanks for your input!
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