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Hope someone can help-quick newby question .
Ive searched but cant find an idiots "how to" online !

I have a free PDF i want to give away to my website visitors but whats the best way to do this to collect emails and automate the delivery.
I have a ejunkie account(but i dont hink they do the email collection and its all via paypal)
Ive got some html templates from optimize press to make it look o.k
Is there a solution to achieving this that wont meen me spending any more money !
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    Originally Posted by slendersunfish View Post

    Is there a solution to achieving this that wont meen me spending any more money !
    No. It is always either money (not much) or a lot of time (and I mean it: lots and lots of time) to learn DIY.

    If you are serious about this as a business (and not a hobby) then invest a minimal amount in a professional AR (autoresponder). Some offer a $1/mo trial.

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    I can't think of them off the top of my head but there are several PHP email scripts that are free or under $20. You would need to install one on your domain and have the download link sent in the first email. It's pretty simple.

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    You can get a no-frills 1000sub A/R at Imnicamail for $3 a month which I believe is the cheapest service you will find, and the owner is a WF member.

    There are some A/R free services like Mailchimp but these are not recommended for reasons which are many and varied and never used by anyone serious about their business on here.

    Failing that go with the old faithful's Aweber or GetResponse. at $15 - $20/m

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    You need an autoresponder. These can get you started...

    Imnica Mail - Email Marketing Service - Email Marketing Solved (as mentioned above): Free for up to 1,000 subscribers. Plans start at $3/month. - $1 for first month.
    Email Marketing Software & Autoresponder from GetResponse - Free 30 day trial - I believe is also free up to 250 subscribers.
    Small Business Marketing from Constant Contact - Free 30 day trial.
    Email Marketing Services - iContact - Free up to 500 subscribers. - Free. - Free 30 day trial.

    I'm sure I've forgotten a few but these should give you a place to start.

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    Another vote for Aweber. It can be seamlessly integrated with your site.

    I know the cost may sting at first but you'll eventually wonder how you lived without it!
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    I suggest you setup a auto responder account, and I have a free auto responder script, can share it with you. It will run on your existing hosting account, won't cost you subscription money every month. I have been using it for years, smoothly.

    If you want to run big lists, I have improved it to handle big lists via using external professional SMTP servers, which cost money but the free plans are enough for you if you don't send e-mails frequently.

    You can pm me if you like the script.
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