Can I do it with $500?

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I'm trying to bring more Irish players into an online game that I play, in which the nation/community within the game that I've chosen is Ireland.

I've tried many different methods, including facebook ads, google ads, classifieds, and project wonderful.

All with little success. When I started playing a year ago, our community had over 1000 players, and we're down to technically 300-ish.

I believe one reason why my methods only brought in a few players, is because I had little to spend. I spent a total of $150 in my 6 months of experimenting and learning. All with maybe 30 players who joined, and few who stayed. What makes this project very tough is the need to target those in Ireland/Irish-American cities, to prevent the players you paid to advertise to from joining another nation.

I'll be getting a large amount of money in a few months, and $500 is a fraction of it, not counting what other players are willing to donate. If I dropped that $500 in one month, how many players do you guys think I could get? What method would be best to use? A few hundred players would be ideal.

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    A game that you play or a gaming site that you own?

    Please don't be spending money on bringing more people to play a game with you...But I don't think that's what you're saying.

    Your post is a little confusing to me, but obviously it sounds like you need to go with very specific targeting. FB ads seem like the best choice. Maybe it's a good idea to invest into a WSO that teaches a bit about this kind of advertising first.

    Also, have you considered that people might not be sticking around because the game isn't captivating enough. Maybe the product itself needs to be reworked.
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      Yes, it is only a game that I play, rather than a game that I own/operate.

      Most players are leaving because the game is becoming more and more difficult to succeed at without buying the game's currency, something the admins are responsible for.

      I would potentially receive more in referral bonuses (instead of having to spend my own money) than I'd spend on advertising, but it's not about me. The amount of money I will be receiving is more than I've ever had, and the $500 would go towards making the game more enjoyable, as my community would be more relevant and could be more involved. (as a small nation of only 300 players compared to some nations with 15,000 +, we are very limited.

      I wouldn't be spending the money if I hadn't thought deeply about it, and it's honestly more of a community than a game for most of us older players.

      What exactly is a WSO?
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        plus a reason why many players are willing to donate to recruiting/advertising is because they've spent so much on the game (to play) that they feel the money would better go to bringing in more players if it's going to be spent on the game, rather than short term benefits offered by the admins.
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    I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do. But to answer one of your questions a WSO is a warrior special offer where you can find great products at great prices. Usually the products are related to making money online.
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      I guess essentially I'm looking for help and expertise on getting people to view, and essentially join, a game/website. I've tried using different methods, but through my experience I feel that the larger the money invested, the better the results will be per dollar spent, however I'm trying to take more caution with the more money I'm preparing to spend.

      I'm scanning the "Warriors for hire" thread now. Thanks for the help so far.
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        Im going to start this out with I AM NOT A GAMER. ok I said it.

        I have 2 brother in-laws however that are. So you basically have a guild or the like and want to recruit real world members. I would take the time and write up a very creative "Call to Arms" and post it in as many city directories on craigslist as I could. I might guess that you have a guild website as well? I would place that "Call to Arms" as well on the site, except it graphically needs to look old timey script looking etc with your coat of arms or the like. Make it look very time period, I know you know what I mean.

        Try these ideas first. You will have spent time and no money. Save the $500 for the coffee you will need to drink to keep you through the marathon adventures your newly boosted Guild will be enjoying.

        Hope that helps, and Good Luck
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      another idea would be to incorporate your suggested call to arms into a video, with full costume and the like.
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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