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I have a great product that I've been using for over a year now, and I found out that they offer an affiliate program. It's not in the make money online niche either. I would receive $21 for every customer that I refer. My goal is to ultimately achieve $1500/month.

Till now I have not really been doing direct money-making activities with my time, although I have written 6 eBooks and created a website with a very good amount of content. I was just kinda shooting in the dark hoping to get a bunch of traffic with no direct monitization strategy. My blog doesn't get much traffic so it's not a huge deal if I start fresh.

However now I have an actual product that I want to promote that will yield me $21 per sale. I can start a new blog with the affiliate link sprinkled all over. I could make a purely review site. I could make a squeeze page with the intent to build a list, etc.

What would you suggest is the best strategy in promoting this product?

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    If you already have 6 e-books written yourself why not see if you can
    bundle them together and create your own product from it.

    You could then use that product as a vehicle for adding buyers into
    your list and then you can look at re-investing some of the money
    you make back into more advertising.

    You'd be much better off creating and selling your own products
    and building your own buyers list rather than just sending them to
    an affiliate offer.

    It all depends on your experience level too I suppose.

    If you're a complete beginner you may want to start as an affiliate
    so that you can get a feel for how sales funnels are put together
    by other experienced marketers.

    But it seems to me you're already creating information products
    with your 6 e-books.

    It just seems a shame not to put those to good use.

    All the best
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      Hey thanks for the advice and suggestions!

      I have been considering combining my 6 eBooks into one great product. The only problem with that is that I don't really have a following. Also, I'd need to get a sales copy created and all that which is expensive.

      With this one particular product that I feel is an excellent one at an excellent price, all of that is done already. I just need to figure out the best way to promote it...or at least where to start. I do have about $5000 in savings, but I want to make sure that I know what I'm doing before spending that money.

      Improving my own product is just something that I'm doing on the side, but for now I'm super excited about this affiliate product.

      Thanks again!
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    You may have created the product first before selecting the market. That's a no-no. You may want to re-select a different niche that has a problem that you can easily solve with an ebook.... and then run ads to drive mad traffic to your squeeze page.

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    Ya I realized that. I wrote my eBooks on topics that I wanted to write about rather than based on a problem. My eBooks and website is basically in the "lifestyle design" niche...I explain how I was able to quit my job and still afford to pay the bills. It's not the most lucrative of niches though (or it could be that I just suck at marketing my stuff).

    Anyway, this other product that's totally unrelated to the lifestyle design or "make money" niches is a great one for a great deal. I'm just looking for advice as to the best way to market it.

    Thanks fellas!
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    I would do the following:

    1. Create a new blog and share stories/content about aspects of this "new" market for you including how you have used the product you speak about - try and blog once a day for the next few weeks (even if it's just a few paragraphs) targeting keywords that are in line with what people would use to seek out the product you speak about online.

    2. Build a social networking presence around the market (Twitter, Facebook at least - LinkedIn possibly as well) and also use your Twitter/FB accounts to launch social bookmark accounts with Digg, Delicious, SU, Reddit, etc... then each piece of content you can share via FB and Twitter, bookmarked with Digg, etc... to help drive some additional traffic plus legit backlinks

    3. Post in related forums a couple times each day with helpful advice and post a link back to your site (either affiliate link or ideally your site where you capture contact information)

    4. Create squeeze page (basically a landing page with a giveaway - hard to know what that could be without knowing your market or product, but there is always a way to put together a quick report, listing, video, etc... to capture name/contact info of those you send toward the page (from your blog, social networks, forums...)

    5. Develop an email follow-on sequence (start with 5-7 emails) that follow up on the offer from your landing page and in each one, link back to your affiliate offer

    6. Youtube - your unique perspective is that you already use the product and know how it can benefit others - create a series of 3-5 minute videos where you can share information and utility of your products. In your YouTube description, link back to your squeeze page.

    That should get you off and running...

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      Originally Posted by jbsmith View Post

      4. Create squeeze page (basically a landing page with a giveaway - hard to know what that could be without knowing your market or product, but there is always a way to put together a quick report, listing, video, etc... to capture name/contact info of those you send toward the page (from your blog, social networks, forums...)

      5. Develop an email follow-on sequence (start with 5-7 emails) that follow up on the offer from your landing page and in each one, link back to your affiliate offer
      Ok, so I understand up until this point.

      So basically my goal is to drive traffic to a squeeze page as opposed to this new website/blog.

      How would I promote the product that I am an affiliate for with this squeeze page? My product is an instructional guitar course, and I could easily create a "freebie" to give away to get them onto a mailing list. However, what I don't understand is how exactly would I use this list to promote the course?

      What will the squeeze page say? Will I be "promoting" the freebie in exchange for their mailing address, or will I be primarily "promoting" the course?

      For the 5 - 7 pre-written follow-up emails, how exactly will I promote the product? Make them content-rich with a link to the product's sales page in my signature? Or make them all about talking about how great the product is?

      I'm still not quite sure exactly how to do "list marketing".

      Thanks a lot!
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        So here's how I would work this niche.

        I would create content on blogs, articles and Youtube - all with links back to your squeeze page.

        This gets you some initial traffic and will grow over time

        On the squeeze page is a freebie related to the guitar course you trying to sell - first place is to go to the product creator and ask him if there is a short video you could give away as an incentive, in return you will drive traffic to his program.

        The squeeze page should collect email address.

        At that point you can 1) Deliver the link to the freebie via email and automatically redirect your subscriber to the affiliate site so you both the email and immediate exposure to the affiliate site 2) Send daily or once/2-day "lessons", "case studies" "experiences" "video reviews" etc...related to the guitar lessons - could be as simple as you showing a screen shot of one of the lessons and explaining how this helped you improve your playing quickly. In each of these follow ups you are sharing but also creating more interest in those that have not purchased yet - expose them to the affiliate link again with an offer paragraph each time and you will find many will buy after the 3rd, 4th, 5th exposure.

        Plus - in the meantime you are building a valuable list that you can then send other offers (Amazon specials for instruments, etc...)

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    If there's a decent demand for the product you've been using then run with it. Build a site and write a bunch of quality content. Build a list. It's ideal because, unlike so many marketers, you actually buy and use and love the product. There's nothing that comes across as sincere (and is actually sincere) as a legit user recommending something. It's ideal. Good luck.
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    I wouldn't worry about promoting an affiliate offer, especially since you already know the niche.

    Create a content heavy blog and direct traffic to it through forums, and over time you'll get traffic through serps.
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    If you are starting over, I would think really carefully about building your audience and picking out a specific niche. Doesnt make sense to build a new blog around one product. What if the product gets pulled and that's your only source of income.

    Ideally you want multiple income streams. Build your audience and following, create content relevant to that audience, provide value, start building your list and communicate with it.

    maybe bundle your products and always have that for sale along with other products in a specific niche.

    Need help figuring out your niche? >>The Simple Blogging Network can Help

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    Thanks a lot for this! Much appreciated!

    I'm stoked!!
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    Jeff's suggestions are great.

    You can create a simple report from your existing 6 ebooks, and take it as the free giveaway gift, and build a squeeze page to collect e-mails, then add some followup messages.

    Now you can promote your squeeze page, you can try paid methods, such as banner ads, PPC, PPV, etc. or free methods, such as making videos and publish on youtube, or social medias.
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