Is it possible to be a million dollar company selling a single training program?

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I am just going for the long shot.

I am currently developing a training program and I was wondering if anyone had brought 1 training program to a million dollar annual sales? If so, can you post some case studies here so I can study how they do it?

I understand it requires many sales channels to achieve that and currently, I can identify a few....

- training

- online video tutorials

- personal consultancy

- membership site

Is there any sales channel I missed out?
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    Yes,it is possible, some weight loss programs has achieved this .Such as :fat loss 4 idiots
    You can study the model of it.
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    I guess it would depend on the market/niche. Tough to get to a million in sales with a "me too" product though imo. What is your unique selling proposition?
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    Most internet empires that are built are based around a single training program. The key is having the proper funnel in place, and the proper solutions to each and every customer you're looking to sell to. If you can continue to provide value to your customers they will continue paying you for higher ticket products or monthly memberships that are within your training program. Happy customers = more profits.
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    Create a High priced training course. $997 to $1997. I do this in IM market right now and it works great.. There are TONS of other great markets outside of Home biz / IM that have money and will gladly spend it (forex, real estate, medical, specialized trades, etc.)

    Possibilities are endless. One of my close friends is running autowebinars in medical transcripting niche.. with a course that helps them pass the exam. Totally bizarre niche.. but he's pulling in $5mill /yr from it.. so think different.

    For traffic + funnel.. we're primarily sending facebook PPC traffic to an autowebinar.

    You've got the choice of either running an autowebinar (evergreen business system rocks! but you can also run a few live webinars each month too)

    At $997, all you need is 1,003 sales of that program the whole year. That's 84 sales a month, roughly 20 sales a week.

    With a good webinar and targeted traffic (which you can easily do with FB), you can realistically close 25-40% of the audience (sometimes more if you have a good follow up sequence with urgency and run replays + special bonuses to the prospects who didn't buy)

    so if you run 1 webinar a week (or autoweb all the time and get 80-100 people on there.. you're doing good

    And if your price point is $1997 all you need is 500 sales a year (or 10 sales a week!) so choose your poison

    Honestly, that's really one of the best models out there that I can recommend with the least amount of effort. If you set up a good autowebinar, it can run pretty much on autopilot. And you really don't need much traffic to reach those numbers.

    Higher priced product sold via autowebinar.. I'd recommend that ALL DAY
    over doing low ticket products.

    Take it from someone who'se been there lol. I've made 7 figures from selling lower priced stuff and I've got a few students right now raking in 7 figures from WSO's alone.
    And it's a HARD route to go my friend. you can do it.. just alot more leg work
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