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I could spend an age describing my agonies when attending recent webinars, and past ones for that matter. In some ways, it might help offload some of my frustrations, but it won't be of much use other than that.

So let's take a more pragmatic view and try to put some common sense practices for delivering webinars instead of what appears to be nothing more than a series of muppet shows at present.
First off, you are the expert, you are in the driving seat. You do not need validation from the audience - The need for validation merely weakens your pitch!

You do not need to ask if people can hear you every 5 minutes. Ask a question instead and look for answers, that is more professional and gives the impression you know what you are doing.
Practice handing over the screen before you go live - the 30-second fumble in mid-stream disrupts a positive flow.

Don't get into pantomime pricing. We are adults here and have heard this 'I'm not even going to charge you...'. Validate a higher price to justify the current offer by all means but c'mon...
This one is a biggie now...

Get to the point! An adult's attention span, even when interested is around 10-20 minutes. After 40 minutes there interest is all but gone unless there has been some pretty spectacular displays along the way. So why are so many webinars extended to 90 minutes? You are murdering your prospects and would probably sell double if the time were to be halved.
Go through your presentation. Cut out the fluff and filler, deliver the key selling points then get out!

Do not hang around waiting for the sales to drift in. This is a really bad practise that some people believe is creating an urgency. No it isn't, it is raising doubt and making people think you are desperate.

The deal is what the deal is, have confidence you have got it right and walk away. If people think they are missing the deal of the century, they will be in touch PDQ!
So there you go, my thoughts on webinars...

Let's see some 30 minute power presentations and start getting the reputation back into webinars. Everyone knows they are going to end up paying $497 anyway so why play games? It doesn't do anyone any good in the end.
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    I hold webinars and I have found out through my testing that shorter webinars for me are converting a higher rate than longer ones.

    I am an extreme tester and I have found this to be the case.

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      That model used to work when webinars were cutting edge, and it seems that's when many people learned how to do them. If I run into those now, or the ones where they start off by saying there is too much material to cover, so they have to go really fast, I just leave then.

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        In addition to what Tony said. Have an assistant that is there to filter through the questions and give the presenter the most frequently asked questions or ones that will benefit the audience. I hate listening to a webinar presenter try and filter through the questions looking for one he/she might want to answer.


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    Thanks for all the additional hints and tips guys. It's good to get a concensus of opinion, who knows, someone might take notice.
    Hmm, now where are those Thursday night webinars to go check out
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    I don't bother with them anymore. As if I haven't got better things to be doing than watching morons bang on about their crap, overpriced products for half the bloody night. I have yet, to this day, gotten value for time exchange on any webinar I have ever attended.

    They work like a charm though.

    I agree. 30 minute webinars sound good. I think I'm capable of making a decision in that time frame.

    Webinars, like the products they promote, should be fluff free, straight to the point - and capable of getting the point across in the shortest amount of time... whilst still maintaining a very high standard. This is just common sense, unfortunately most people store theirs away for a rainy day. Go figure.
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    Excellent observations Tony.

    Here's another... they are a tedious, long-winded way of making a sales pitch for a high-priced product most people cannot afford, and yet they make folks sit through 2 hours or whatever of excruciating video to find out they cannot.

    'still, whatever turns you on :-)

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