Any tips for finding a good mentor?

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I've quit my "day job", and started into the world of IM/CPA.

My background is tech marketing. I've spent over a decade running marketing at a number of VC-funded tech firms (successfully I might add :-). It's been great and it's given me the freedom to take this next step in my career.

Since I sold my last firm, I've been consulting. It's going well, but I'd like to get the business more diversified. So, CPA/IM it is!

In terms of CPA/IM, I've successfully joined a number of networks and been "dabbling" with mediocre success.

But, as we always say, the first rule of "fight club" is that you don't talk about "fight club." That makes it hard to chat with fellow IM people and get true, actionable ideas. Let alone interface and get feedback.

So, I've come to the conclusion that I need a mentor.

Anyone out there have any tips on finding one?


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    mentor huh... eben pagan my first choice : ) type guru mastermind or eben pagan in the google.. and you will find him.. i learn alot from his sharing...
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    Hey Wf,

    Compatibility is the key to being mentored. I'm 66 years old but my mentor is more than 20 years younger than me. But because we are a good fit, it works out great.

    The thing is we developed this relationship over a long period of time. I had to earn his trust and convince him I was willing to do the work necessary. And in turn I had to learn to trust him and his ability to guide me in my business.

    As far as finding one that is most likely the hardest part. I found my mentor here on the WF, but through a product he was selling that I had an interest in. In fact it was a membership and had web sites as the product. I knew absolutely nothing about what to do with the product and started asking questions.

    One person I can think of who might be willing to take you on is John Taylor here on the WF. Not sure if he is still doing that are not. You can do a search and PM him. Very knowledgeable, extremely trustworthy and has the ability to guide and teach. But be prepared to work, if he decides to take you on.

    As mentioned above if you have at least an outline of a business plan and goals it will show you mean business.

    The Old Geezer

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      2 Key things:

      1. Make sure you can verify the person's success. There are a lot of sharks
      out there.

      2. Make sure they are knowledgeable in the area YOU want to learn. Nobody
      is an expert in everything. I sure as hell ain't. If you want to learn article
      writing from me, great. But if you want to learn ppc, better go somewhere

      Those are the 2 most important things IMO.
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    Thanks for the helpful tips everyone!

    These thoughts are great. Anyone else have any suggestions?

    Eben is great. I peruse all his stuff. And Kern and Filsame, and all the others. I'm a sponge for that stuff and spend WAY too much money on it.

    But, I'm really looking for 1:1. I get how the system works. I get how the various models work in theory. It's about practice and individual situations now. And, I think that's where a mentor would be hugely valuable.
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    James, a follow up question. Given the "fight club" mentality in Internet Marketing, how do you go about consulting? Do you do it via PM, 1:1, or do you do it some other way?
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    I think you'll be hard pressed to find someone to do it 1:1 for free unless you are able to find someone that is family / friend. But heck if there is anyplace to find someone I guess it is in the Warrior Forums
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    I'm not necessarily talking for free. However, I don't want to buy someone's product. If the right relationship came along, was proven, etc. I'd consider warrants/equity.

    Given my track record (returning over $400 million on $85 invested) and several successful corporate sales, I think it's a pretty good investment of time to be an adviser/mentor.

    But, I didn't want the conversation to be about money. I wanted it to be about finding the right fit.

    Thanks for your thoughts!
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      be carefull when choosing your mentor as steve says, when i first started IM, i found a self proclaimed guru who took £2000 off me and vanished,

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    The best way I know to find a mentor is to contribute to the forum and establish relationships and it will come out of that.
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