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Hey Guys,

I just wanted some advice from people here regarding my situation.

I made a 13 page page report I was going to give out for free on my website. I put in alot of work into it because I was planning to give it out to build an email list. (and was not trying to create a PLR)

However, I am now working towards another plan (lol I know, so many shiny objects around right?) and so I want to sell this report as a PLR. However, this is not just a report with a bunch of raw information. It is written well enough that you can just change the title and it would be good to go.

How should I approach this situation? I was thinking of doing a WSO and selling it for $20 to 25 people ONLY. I didn't put any pictures in the report but its a type of report that would need pictures so it would turn out to be a 15-18 page report once you put in relevant images.

Is there a demand for a PLR that is completely done to a point where you don't need to alter the information in anyway?

A couple other questions I have are:

I read the WSO sticky, and it said I should contribute before I try to sell a WSO? I have been on this forum for months intaking a ton of information, although I don't feel like expert enough to be advising other people (don't want to be blind leading the blind) and I also don't want to just make posts just to get a count going. I see how valuable this place is and I don't want to come off as wanting to take advantage, which is never my intentions.

Also, in the sticky it said whatever I am listing I should be selling for normal price to people and a special price for WSO? How do I do this in this situation? I have a solid report that I want to sell as a PLR. Should I list it somewhere else for X price and then come here and do a WSO for X/3?

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

p.s. the report is great for real estate niches, saving money niches, and home improvement niches. Its a report that talks about how you can save money through saving energy and water and therefore reducing hydro and utility costs. It also has 14 do it yourself processes to do to your home to save even more money.
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