My December Promotion Figures

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I ran a promotion in November which I detailed HERE.

That promotion was sold to my free list.

This month, in December, I decided to run a promotion to the list that subscribes to my paid newsletter.

The aim was simply to earn more in this promotion than the promotion I ran last month.

The November promotion was a video series which could instantly be downloaded via an email link.

The December promotion will be delivered in January so there is a big difference there.

The November promotion was purchased by 4 people as was the December promotion.

However the big difference was the price of the item.

The December promotion made $1,100.

It will require more work than creating a video series (which I can resell) but selling an item at four times the price probably ought to need that right?

So....I will start to scale this idea up as I can see a potentially lucrative income from this.

Let's see if I can beat the December promotion figure in January.

Exciting times.
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    Good luck, the best thing you can do in the IM niche is take action. After taking action you need to continue to test and tweak. This in a nutshell has been the key to my entire business.

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    How much profit is it at the end of the day, ballpark? Half, less than half, more...?
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      Thanks SportsMarketer. I'm not actually in the IM niche but I use IM to promote products, sell products via automation etc.

      Regarding profits, it all depends on whether you're talking gross or net.

      On a gross basis it's very close to 100% profit as I only had to send out a few emails.

      On a net basis it's probably 95%+ as my only expenses are hosting, AWeber etc which spread out over the year equal to very little overhead.

      This project will probably earn me just under $100 per hour.

      Hence I want to try and scale up big time.

      I'll post my January promotion figures once they come in. They'll give a good indication of how successful this promotion really is as it will be marketed to a list about 6 times the size of the previous list and at a 25% higher price.

      I am aiming to provide excellent service during January so that I will have stellar testimonials going forward.

      Fingers crossed.

      Lovin' Life!

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