A Tale of Woe- Amazon S3

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Hello Warrior Forum,

I'm here with another tale of technical woe. I seem to be the resident techno-idiot on the forum, I am constantly asking for help and advice on the techy elements of IM. For this, I apologize.

I am currently wrestling with Amazon S3. It appears to be worse than simple FTP (something I struggled with a lot in the beginning). I want to create a membership site with a lot of video and audio content on it. I wondered what was the best way to password protect the content (amember, dlguard) and I wondered if anyone knew of any newbie friendly tutorials video or otherwise that they could recommend when it comes to S3? I have watched one video, but it is was hopelessly unhelpful.

Alternatively, does anyone know of anyone who would install and set this kind of thing up for a reasonable fee?

Thanks very much in advance for any replies.
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