Hey Paul, funny as this kind of reminded me of you......

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10 Ways to Write Damn Good Copy - Copyblogger
(especially Point 2 and 3 )

In the sense of your newsletter, and how enjoyable it is and the value in it and your writing style. (Also I am sure it is very effective for you and your marketing travails.)

Thinking about it, I would place a bet it is just natural for you to write that way but it is a gift. I feel it gives me inspiration because I enjoy attempting to write in a similar style but sometimes fail dismally .

Anyway, I just got the notion to post this in here in the last few minutes on the fly. Your name kept popping up in my head with each paragraph I read, especially the two I mentioned.

Isn't weird how the Mind works as it sometimes instantaneously connects dots and draws parallels out of the thin blue air?

Happy holidays,
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