First Month's Results - Would you be Encouraged?

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Hi All.

My site has been live for just over 4 weeks now and I wanted to share the results and see whether I should be encouraged and carry on or whether I need to change tactics.

9 Sales worth approx £1700.
Commission earnt - £50 and change (Would be more but skimlinks take 25% cut)

Most recent results...

Date, Revenue, Clicks
16 Dec, £0.00, 17
15 Dec, £0.19, 66 --> £12.00 adwords
14 Dec, £0.51, 111 --> £12.00 adwords
13 Dec, £1.00, 38
12 Dec, £0.69, 41
11 Dec, £0.64, 88
10 Dec, £4.37, 4
09 Dec, £0.00, 19
08 Dec, £0.00, 93
07 Dec, £6.96, 33

I think I would be ok with this if I hadn't spent the money on adwords which clearly did not work.

Traffic peaked at 75 unique visitors on the adwords days. Sits at approx 40 unique a day otherwise.

What are your opinions on the above figures?

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    wow, congrats on this.
    definitely good results for a new page I would say.... keep going
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    Look's ok but no one is perfect and there's always room for improvement. Stats are encouraging, time to build on them!

    I'm doing a full write up for my first 30 days after relaunching my blog tomorrow. Had some interesting stats myself with zero advertising budget.

    I think its around 5.3k uniques right now - which surpassed my expectations
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    James, you should be very encouraged by those results. Most people in the IM niche never take enough action to ever figure out what will work for them.

    Now you can keep testing and tweaking the parts of the process that have worked to optimize even further.

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    Those are great results, congrats!
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    Yeah be very encouraged regarding those results. 75% of people haven't generated revenue, which you have. Thats a start.

    You just need to tweak your sales page/offer to try and get it converting more!
    Keep at it, your past the first stage of getting a sale.


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