The first ever banner ad: why did it work so well?

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Hi everybody,

here's a great article:

The first ever banner ad: why did it work so well? | Media Network | Guardian Professional

Show how things have changed, but also gives some ideas how to improve our ads.
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    The industry dug deeper and deeper into a talent pool that could not grow with demand, until speed and low cost replaced talent and quality as the most important criteria for success. Since then, hundreds of trillions of rotten, crappy banner experiences have taught us that even looking at the right hand column of a web site is dumb.

    Yup. Plenty of us here were on da net in the late 80's/early 90's. Maybe it is just the article author and I, but I would say this is true for at least 95% of every single website I ever visit. I was trained to do that by the late 90's by all that spam that is oft referred to as 'all that easy money, back then' here.

    As far as the part I did not bold, yup on that too. And my personal opinion is that we are all nearing the bottom of low cost and speed being successful. There have been a few threads, as of late, discussing this impending bottoming and subsequent rebound. A rebound that will, because of the average internet user's demands, start to gravitate towards more time consuming and expensive quality. I know that I am not the only one here that feels we are approaching a point where entrance into the game is going to require more capital, technical and talent investment.
    One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain't nothing can beat teamwork.

    - Seldom Seen Smith
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      Hi Christopher Fox,

      capital etc maybe not. but you are right: talent yes.
      Creativity and focus yes.

      Retargeting was a great idea. until someone in your house has guessed what you've bought or been looking for them thanks to retargeting.

      But I find I still click on banners, maybe once a week (apart from when checking out the competition)

      Compared to the number of banners I see every week, and my guess is thousands that one click is rare. but if it leads to a sale :-)
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