Email Marketing Questions from a forum rookie!

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I am new to email marketing and have read the subject line is by far the 1st and most important thing to get your email opened.

What percentage of a open rate is rated as successful? The best open rate I have received thus far is 24%.

Days, times to send advertisement emails I have studied as well.

Any help with any of this will be much appreciated fom this Warrior Forums Rookie!
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    24% is not bad. It really depends on your niche. It depends on who you try to reach and how targeted your email is.

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      Is there a certain number that is ideal?

      My niche is the Wedding Industry. Basically I represent a Wedding Magazine. They try to get wedding businesses to advertise with them and their emails are targeted at wedding businesses. So the subject lines are geared toward something that would make a wedding business want to open and read a email.
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    Just avoid exclamation marks and caps lock words... You don't want to look like spam, you want to say something serious.
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    You must understand that people gets tens, if not, hundreds of emails everyday. Open rates will be low because of this plus the spam filters, etc. 25% is powerful. If you want to improve open rates, then go for sms marketing, much higher open rate.
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      Ok sorry to be a newbie but what is SMS marketing? Is it different then something like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc?
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        Open rate is good, but how about conversions and sales?

        That's the one thing that really could excite you, right?

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          You are right. That is not so good. So I am tweaking the actual content within the email and put links higher up in the page so they do not have to scroll all the way to the bottom to click on link.
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    Give value, make it clear that you're selling products, e-mail almost every day, provide tips, write crazy good copy.

    The works.
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    Okay so you've got the open rate covered.

    Move your focus onto the structure of your email body copy by
    developing your skills on getting people to actually CLICK on
    your links and take action.

    If you are about to promote a great offer either your own or an
    affiliate one it doesn't matter how great the offer is if you cannot
    get others to click through and take action.

    As in terms of actual numbers well that's just pure speculation.

    You'd place yourself in a great place to TEST different email campaigns
    and broadcast emails against one another and compare your results.

    I know G.R. allows you to even split test email campaigns and any
    "Broadcast" emails you send so that you get a clear picture of what
    kind of style, structure and template works best for your email results.

    Of course 100% open and 100% click rate would be fantastic but very
    hard to accomplish of course.

    But until YOU go out there and actually get your feet wet it's all just
    pure speculation.

    Allow others to see you by sharing your stories/personality within your
    emails too.

    That always gets a high response rate.

    Think about it.

    There are so many people out there getting hammered with emails that
    look like they've been sent by robots you and I both have a HUGE
    advantage by being real with our subscribers and getting them on our

    I could never send out one of those emails where you feel a though
    you are being spoken to by a machine and not a human being.

    Even when I only send SHORT emails I try to explain why and be as
    transparent as I possibly can.

    Hope this helps
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    Good post Gavin.

    I'd say with email marketing, get the balance between information, professionalism and personality right. This can be a hard few balls to juggle. You don't want to seem to stiff, and neither do you want to come over as some joker who hasn't a foggy what they are on about (in business type niches anyway).

    The whole point of email marketing is to gain rapport and credibility, so keep it useful, light and breezy.
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    All your email marketing metrics will vary greatly by niche and industry in addition to the age of your list and other non niche factors like that.

    In terms of subject is a list I just posted in one of my groups. It's straight from my personal copywriter and perhaps it will give you some ideas


    >>> Fascination
    >>> Qualification
    >>> Curiosity
    >>> Questions
    >>> Benefits
    >>> Reporter
    >>> Universal Issues
    >>> Urgency
    >>> Numbered List
    >>> Controversial


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      I am not an IM'er. I sell offline services / consulting. That said, this is hands down the most useful post in this section of WF I have ever been privileged to read. Thanks and happy holidays!!
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    Open rates depends on the niche you are in and the quality of the list, but anyways around 50% to 60% is a good average open rate.
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    Originally Posted by Djman77 View Post

    I am new to email marketing and have read the subject line is by far the 1st and most important thing to get your email opened.
    That's not entirely true. If your last email was rubbish, chances of getting your next one opened, regardless of the subject line, is likely to be pretty low.

    Subject lines are important, but they're nothing more than gimmicks if your message doesn't deliver the goods.

    The email you send today can have the biggest impact on open rates for tomorrows email. Personally, subject lines are the least determining factor for emails I open. The senders name - and what has come before are the 2 most important things I consider.

    Stop thinking like a marketer - and start thinking like a prospect/customer.
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
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      Great, great responses.

      So are you saying in the "From Field" you should put a personal name instead of the business name?

      For instance since mine is WeddingMag that is what is says in the from field, do you think I would get better open rates using my first name

      From: James?
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    There are several things you can do to not only get people to open your emails, but to get them to do what you want them to do once they finally open it, such as click a link or buy a product. Be honest, build trust with them, and make your emails clear in their message and in what you want your readers to do. Give them useful products and info and don't spam.

    People appreciate useful info and products, but as soon as they smell a spammer, they block them out of their email box or automatically delete their emails.

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    Originally Posted by Djman77 View Post

    I am new to email marketing and have read the subject line is by far the 1st and most important thing to get your email opened.

    What percentage of a open rate is rated as successful? The best open rate I have received thus far is 24%.

    Days, times to send advertisement emails I have studied as well.

    Any help with any of this will be much appreciated fom this Warrior Forums Rookie!

    Actually the most important thing to get your email opens happens way before you even send an email.

    It's all about building the relationship with your subscriber BEFORE they opt in and making sure someone ends up on your list because they WANT to receive emails from you not just because you bribed them with a free report and happen to be sending them emails, that they might not be interested in, as a consequence of that.

    That's why squeeze pages and bribed opt ins aren't a great means of building a responsive list that opens and responds well to your emails. There's no relationship built and many will never even look at your freebie or read any emails so the relationship never gets built.

    It's why emails sent to people who landed on a site full of epic content or go through a content funnel before opting in get higher open rates as you've proved to them upfront you can provide them value and probably even solved some of their problems so they opt in willingly and can't wait to receive emails from you.

    THIS is what gets emails open. Fancy headlines are cool but they only go so far.

    So work on building your relationship with your prospects first before they opt in and you'll see a jump on open rates.
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    Making email more personal will help in open rate...Personalised emails using name in subject line could have better results....
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