Can someone recommend a VA they have personally used

by jschoy
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Hey guys - was wondering if someone could do me a favor and refer a good virtual assistant.

I'm looking for someone with experience to collect contact information (i.e. name, email address, phone number) of a pretty big industry in the market.

Please PM and recommend someone you have personally worked with previously, along with details i.e. how much they charged. Thanks!
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    Since a VA only has so much time, a person who is happy with their VA probably isn't going to be recommending them on a forum. If they did, the VA could get booked up with other clients and not be available as much as they would be otherwise.

    You're probably going to have to get your hands dirty and find a good VA yourself. I've had good luck hiring people for simple tasks on Odesk. That might be a good place to start.
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    You can go for this person (Md Jahirul Islam) who is a very good contractor at oDesk. He usually works hourly. I have worked with him in some projects.
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      It's not so easy to find a good VA, and the good ones that I find I would never be sharing as I need them way too hard.

      Problem with VA's is that most of them are hell lazy so you can better pay them per task instead of per month or per hour.

      Most of them also have a very short term memory when it concerns mistakes, you can tell them a 100 times and the 101th time they just mess up in the same way again.

      Sometimes I wonder why and I think I do know the reason, at a certain point they get more work and lazy at the same time so they in turn start to outsource it to their family members who in turn start to make the same beginning mistakes again.

      Most of my VA's never last very long but at the same time it's 9 out of 10 times trading garbage for garbage.

      No matter how detailed the instructions, with screenshots, video's and whatever, they miss half of it.
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    If you'd like to have a few different VAs to choose from, my partner handles VAs in the Philippines and can put a shortlist of VAs together for you that will cost less than $10/hr (sometimes much less) email her at
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      Try Odesk ,a lot of reliable VAs available .They have good work experience and available at affordable rates .
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