Is anyone making money with Kindle fiction?

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Just exploring this - this is what I see: you can go with $0.99 short stories,which produce a grand total of 34c per sale, or something bigger like a 20k word novella, which you sell at $2.99 and returns $2 per sale. (Maybe you could charge more if any of them became popular, but let's assume these are well written, have a beginning, middle and end but are not going to keep JK Rawling awake at nights.)

So to earn $1k in a week (not an unreasonable target), that's about 420 short story sales per day, or 70 novella sales per day. None of that sounds possible for one title unless a miracle happens!

BUT maybe you could expect a quality well-marketed novella to sell around 10-15 per day in a popular niche like a thriller or romance? So you'd need 5-10 titles of similar quality, no duds, to get to the $1000 target?
Does this sound reasonable, optimistic or pessimistic?

How about short stories? With quality short story and good cover you could expect 20 - 30 sales per day? So you'd need a collection of 15 - 20 (but with greater risk of duds.) Again - does any of this sound reasonable or am I being hopelessly optimistic?

Input welcome!
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