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Hi Guys/Everyone

I have one massive authority info site loosely based around finance and property. Through this site I have discovered a few smaller little niche areas that I'd like to create dedicated websites for.

Whilst they won't necessarily be EMD's, it will be that kind of tightly themed website. It will need to look good, not be too overly salesy (with space for written content on the homepage), professional and quite well converting.

At the moment I just want to put the sites there and send a link or two to them and maybe try sending a few adwords ads to it. I'll then leave the domain be to age for a while in order to see how it fares 6 months from now. Based on results I may then decide to put more time into it.

I don't want to spend ages on them in the beginning so would like to find a reasonably prices template that is designed dynamically enough to work for a number of different websites in a number of different niches.

Could anybody recommend a good theme that does all of this?


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