how to create backlinks on a blog?

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hi how do we create backlinks on a blog?

exactly how can we do this? i thought if using social bookmarker the blog is submitted this will create backlinks as well as hits? is this correct?

please can someone advise me on this.thanks.
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    There are lot of ways to build links to your blog without spamming. One of the best method is commenting. You can download the free report on the same topic from my signature.
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    no they don't. NOT all social bookmarking sites are good for "backlinks" they are good for traffic but NOT back links because of "nofollow" attribute..... you can do directory submnissions, articles directories submissions, forums signatures to get back link. but you need to consider few things at least to get the best value of your links
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      ok thanks but is there a simpler easier way to do this? because its a new blog & i will use forums but can i use social networks? & if so how ?
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        I use create content using squidoo and hubpages then I link back to my blog from there.Then i use social bookmarking techniques like digg, stumbleupon and delicious and also twitter to promote that content. This way you are almost guaranteed google will pick you up.

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        Theres nothing that easy.
        If your looking for good backlinks you must put the effort into making your blog successful. So using different methods like social bookmarking, articles, forum post and commenting on blogs will help you immemsely. Oh also use rrs aggregator will help build backlinks too.
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          Publish well written informative posts on your blog and other bloggers will link to your posts using trackbacks etc...

          Make sure you are pinging your posts.

          Submit your blog RSS feed to RSS directories.

          Submit you blog itself to normal directories.

          Exchange links with other similar blogs/websites.

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            ok thanks you for your help, so to increase & create backlinks i need to:
            1) forum posts with signatures of the blog link
            2) write ezine article/squiddo lens & have the blog link
            3)submit to directories - but can someone name the best company?
            5)commenting on other blogs - how is this done?
            4)social bookmarking - this i dont understand do i use social marker & keep submitting that same blog url after i post a new post on there? would this be correct?
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            Originally Posted by Colin Evans View Post

            Publish well written informative posts on your blog and other bloggers will link to your posts using trackbacks etc...

            Make sure you are pinging your posts.

            Submit your blog RSS feed to RSS directories.

            Submit you blog itself to normal directories.

            Exchange links with other similar blogs/websites.
            Excellent advice.

            I think the key here is to start with high quality content and then do all the other stuff.

            One you have done this there are numerous ways to get traffic.

            One great way to drive quality traffic to your website, although you might find it to be a small amount on a daily basis is by forum marketing.

            Remember that one hit of quality traffic is often worth as much as a few hundred hits from a non-quality source. What makes it of quality is you're getting traffic based on what you say in forum replies (you've already sold yourself to a degree).

            Join a forum on your site's niche.

            Login and edit your profile.

            In your signature, provide a link to your site along with a tasty blurb.

            Another huge benefit of forum marketing is that you're talking with others in your niche. At the same time you're driving traffic to your site, you're market researching. You're finding out the biggest problems in your niche, so that you can provide solutions in the form of an info products or website content.

            * Start by finding a forum related to your niche and make sure signatures are allowed.
            * Build your reputation as an expert in your niche. Provide quality information in your posts and replies. Users of a forum will only click on the link in your signature if you've enlightened them. One tactic you can use is by creating a new thread with pure information in your niche, almost like a blog post.
            * Never link to your own site within content of threads. Only place a link to your site within your signature.
            * Be sure to read forum rules and regulations before joining any forum. Nearly all forums don't allow affiliate links in your signature or within threads.
            * Don't spam forums!!!

            [Copied from my blog: Day 14: Traffic From Forums ]
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    • comment on other blogs
    • write and submit guest posts
    • post on forums
    • submit articles
    • list your site in directories
    that should get it going

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    Hi everyone,

    Could someone explain to me exactly what a trackback is? And, if I have the option of entering a trackback url for one of my posts, do I enter the url to the post?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Social bookmarking, exchanging links with other blogs and websites, directory submissions, article writing and linking back to your blog.

    There are many ways you can build links, but the best type of links are the ones you get without asking for. If you have good content on your page and you get decent traffic - then others will start to link to you naturally.
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    I've found one of the best ways to get good links is by actually linking to other blogs in your articles ...

    You link to their blog, it trackbacks or comment pings that blog, which gives a link back to you on that blog ... I've found this has helped me gain traffic, especially in the early days of your blog.

    And ultimately, it makes other authors aware of your blog, increasing chances of them linking to your articles.
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      Hi All, Also like to add something funny. A couple years ago there was a forum I really liked and a lot of people posted there with signatures because there wasn't a "nofollow" in the page source. In addition there were various rules about signatures and what you can/can't do. Everyone thought they were going to get backlinks. Funny thing is one day I went to the forum url and domain root url and simply added- /sitemap.xml. This let me view their sitemap and to my surprise there was a "nofollow" added on all user submitted blog and forum posts from the sitemap. The other part of the site with their paid directory links and ads pages had a "follow".haha

      Sometimes it's good to look at the sitemap.xml if it is there and sometimes it's in a /sitemap/sitemap.xml directory, stashed in a folder or not present at all.

      Anyway.... just thought I'd share something funny.

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