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Hey guys,

Like we all do this time of year I've been reflecting on where I am now vs where I was a year ago. When I look at everything that's working now, every product that has helped me and every piece of advice I've used to go on and accomplish something in my business, I realize it all came from here.

This year I saw the conversion rate of the opt-in page for my list shoot up to almost 50% because of a simple piece of advice someone gave me about the copy on my opt-in form.

I overcame paralysis of analysis and launched a 6 month video coaching course because of advice from Warriors here who told me to get going and helped me understand it didn't have to be perfect. And I launched it right before Thanksgiving-and another product right before Christmas-because members here assured me I could and that I didn't have to worry about what time of year or what month it was.

The membership software it runs on was purchased here and installed by the owner, who updates it, runs a group on FB and takes great care of his members.

I struggled with creating sales pages and opt-in pages and overcame both of those with great products from right here.

Right now the course is doing around $300-$400 a month- no full time income but so encouraging considering I still haven't done a real paid campaign beyond my list and fan page following. Everything I need to do those things effectively I've found here as well, and plan to really focus on in the coming year.

I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to everyone here who gives of yourself every day. It's an incredible resource full of incredible people. Merry Christmas!

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