Mailchimp report on which users did/didn't meet a goal objective?

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Hi all,

I've joined this forum in the hope that some MailChimp gurus are able to advise me. I'm currently writing a proposal for a client who requires quite a detailed level of reporting and I need to know if this is possible.

I am setting up a number of auto-responders which are goal driven. A goal is achieved when a user clicks a particular link on my website, this is via a javascript event. I have tested this and got it working. However what is important is that my client needs to be able to get a report on which users did and didn't click on the website link. Obviously in my standard report I can only see which users clicked on links in the email, not subsequent links on my website.

I have looked at the Analytics 360 feature, but this just seems to give a reports on general numbers rather than specifically who clicked a link.

Is this possible within Mail Chimp or am I going to need to build my own reporting into my website that I'm developing alongside this?

Many thanks
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