Im looking for a company that will... Can you help?

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I'm looking for a company that would put together a small package ( dvd, small booklet, a flier ) package it and ship it every time I get an order...

I know there are some place's out there that are well known for this type of thing, I just cant remember!

Any help would be GREAT! Thanks a lot..

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    Kunaki ( will do the dvd & flier but I don't think they do booklets.

    Just search Google for dvd fulfillment - you should be able to find something

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      They publish anything... books, dvds and cds, ebooks, calendars etc.
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        I was going to recommend myself, however I haven't used them personally.

        You might want to find a place locally to do it.

        I have a printer who will print on demand for me, all I have to do is supply the disks to him. So I do 100 disks, give them to him. Then when I get an order he gets the info, prints the book, packages it all together and mails it for me.

        I know people use Kunaki like this too. Kunaki sends the disks to the printer and the printer prints and ships.

        If you do it locally, you'll be helping the local economy, you can GO THERE and speak to them about options, and the shipping charged from place A to place B is cheaper.

        Even though is local to me I use my own printer as the cost is a lot cheaper.
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    You could try

    Mike Filsaime used them for the BFM 2.0 package and they did a great job with that, I was pretty impressed with the way it was all packaged. They can easily handle a DVD, small booklet and a flier for you.

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    This is great information and very helpful... Thanks a lot for the help guys.
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