Got any thank you page tips?

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I've been having a discussion lately with a few people and opinions vary greatly on what to include on one's thank you page. How do you like to be treated after signing up for a free report?
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    1. Check your e-mail for welcome letter.
    2. Move e-mail to primary inbox.
    3. Take a look around the rest of the blog - these posts in particular might interest you: EXAMPLE POSTS.
    4. Thanks, and see you in your inbox!
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    • If there isn't a blog to send them to, I would include a thanks for signing up and a note that they will receive an email with a link to the item.

      I would then have something like, 'While you are waiting why not check out these great/free offers'. At the bottom of the page I would either have some banners containing affiliate links or text with hyperlinks to other offers.

      This way I think you can start the marketing process but in a 'soft' way.
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      Originally Posted by JRJWrites View Post

      1. Check your e-mail for welcome letter.
      2. Move e-mail to primary inbox.
      3. Take a look around the rest of the blog - these posts in particular might interest you: EXAMPLE POSTS.
      4. Thanks, and see you in your inbox!
      I'm doing all this and have added a "talking head" video saying the same things to the customer. Make it personal, short and sincere...those things are so rare online that it really makes a positive impact on your new customer/subscriber.
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    I would include a thank you note on the page and let the subscriber know they need to check their email to confirm and to download the free report. This is all fairly standard. Another point, now is a good time to get the person to say yes to an amazing deal you have to offer. Since they are already in the 'yes' mood, you might dust off one of your best $27 deals and offer it up, emphasizing what a huge savings they are getting. Make sure it's a truly one time offer, so they have regrets if they turn it down.
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    It is always good to think of why not adding a one-time offer in your thankyou page or perhaps an upsell to your first offer!
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    I know it's tempting to include an offer on your "Thank You" page but I never do. In my opinion, keep it simple and clean: thanks for subscribing, check your email to confirm. You have plenty of time to promote offers to these new subscribers, but if you throw something at them right away, you'll put some of them off (people who may have converted in the future).

    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    I wouldn't try to pitch them something straight away. I've tried it and it didn't work.

    I think of it like this.

    They sign up to get a free report. When they're on your 'thank you' page they haven't even seen your report so why would they buy something from you?

    At this point there is no relationship.

    I'd use the free report to build the relationship and offer the upsell in that - after you've delivered the value.

    So all I have on my thank you page is a video telling them to check their email, download the report and for gods sake, READ IT!!!

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    The best way to monetize thank you page, without actually pitch the subscriber to buy anything, is to have him redirect, to your clickbanking partne.. or you can put he link of your clickbanking partner as a bonus....This way you will receive more clicks with the same amount of money invest in traffic....more traffic= more subscribers
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    If using a double opt-in approach, suggest:

    1) after entering their details in to opt-in form, send them to a confirmation page which thanks them for their interest and asks them to check their email for confirmation details, check junk folder etc. On that page perhaps one related affiliate type thing (or a freebie, CPA etc) which isn't too in their face so it doesn't look like you're selling straight away and possibly put them off. Quite a few won't confirm so by putting something on confirmation page you have an opportunity to generate something.

    2) on the download page, another thanks - this time for confirming - and the download link to whatever you've given them for confirming. Any "bonus" stuff to be included with the download as a separate file within the zip so (again) it doesn't look like a desperate plea to start making a sale straight away or perhaps one super-related thing under the download link.

    3) then once you have them on your list and confirmed, build the relationship/trust.

    Treat them how you'd like to be treated yourself.

    If using single opt-in then remove step 1 above.

    Just my opinion.
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    Tell them that the ebook is in their inbox. Then tell them to consider the offer on the following page... then redirect to OTO page.
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    Thank you page with a product to sell, comething that complements the free product and if they decide to leave and not buy, an exit pop with the same offer at a lower price or something else.
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    Personally, I never mind seeing an offer on the 'Thank You' page as long as it is related to what I have just expressed interest in by my opt in, and as long as the offer I'm given truly represents something of great value to someone with my expressed interest.
    Subtlety and sincerity compliment such an offer placement in my opinion.

    It displays an understanding of marketing to continue with the momentum being established. if it is truly of interest and value to me, I'm not put off, I'm grateful for the information. ~ Not pushy, but helpful.
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    I think the Early to Rise thank you page is an excellent model.

    Thank You For Subscribing to Early To Rise.

    it is easily adaptable to your own niche and over delivers.

    Love it.

    Check out for 100% free listbuilding course, marketing tips, advice and tomfoolery
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    Don't use a thank you page, it's a waste of real estate.

    Do you really want to send people who are already on your website off to check their email and get distracted and never come back. That's what will happen probably 9 times out of 10. So I've never understood why people just have a thank you page telling people to check their email. We spend all this time getting people to our websites only to send them away from the website right away? It doesn't make sense.

    What you should instead do is send them to a page that has the free content on it. Your freebie should be something that can be written in just a few paragraphs or presented in a 2-3 minute video. Remember when freebies are concerned, it's all about quality NOT quantity. Just give them your one biggest aha moment. You want to keep the freebie short so they can consume it right away -- then and there. Once they have consumed the free info you then send them on to a relevant offer that is a natural progression from the free info you just gave them.

    But whatever you do, don't send them to their email inbox. That's old school and won't work well for you these days.
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    Gold replies, thanks everyone.

    I'm also of the opinion that "instant and continuous engagement" seems like the way to go. There eyes and focus are on me (my offering) at the moment and I think it makes a lot of sense to continue the engagement and give them as much value as possible while I've got their attention.

    Good tips on the freebie too Will. Thanks for that.

    Luke that ETR thank you page is a great link. I specifically like that way they've set the expectation of a daily email. I normally like to only broadcast when I have something to share (Will, I was nodding on your latest video on this point) but setting it up so that people expect an email daily (if you have enough strong content of course) might be better than hitting people with a daily email if they don't expect it.

    Then, further down the page there's a testimonial saying they've been receiving them since 2003! I had no option but to consider that if that was true it must pretty good value. Even if it isn't it had the desired effect. Could be bull but that left jab with a right uppercut really disrupted my expectations. Big lesson there I think.

    Thank you for subscribing...Each weekday you'll receive the [brand] email, full of proven action steps and powerful motivation for building your business,..My name is [name], and I've been a subscriber to ETR since 2003...
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