Was My Friend doubting me?

by sdlive
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so, whenever have these get togethers this job topic often comes up.

My friend A, keeps telling my other friend B that he should get me a job at where he works while we were eating.

It's getting annoying.

Don't u guys come across this scenerio.

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    Of course there are doubters.

    Most people are brain washed (ok maybe that's a little harsh) - most people are trained to think that once they graduate from school they need to find a 9-5 job, buy a house with a garage to park your cute little sedan in, and watch re-runs of Breaking Bad for the rest of their lives...

    And if you're not one of the herd, you're going to bump into a lot of naysayers.

    Most of my friends have no idea what I do for a living, for this exact reason.

    So continue straying from the pack - there's enough sheep in this world.
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      Depends why.

      If your bumming chump change off him cos you aint got not money, then I think he is right, lol.

      If he has no clue and your doing fine, then take him and your other friend out for dinner one night and tell them it was sponsored by your Internet Business then tell him he is a big douche
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    I cant remember what marketer it was but he said that he would never tell anybody about internet marketing because he never wanted to leave room for doubt.

    I thought about that because I remember when I first started doing this stuff online I would tell people that Im gonna make it my living online. The thing was I had no proof to back up what I was saying so in there mind its like "ok dude this is a faze just get it out of your system and get a job already."

    I did get a job because no matter how hard I believed in the dream I struggled big time to make anything happen online, but I still stuck to it and I stopped telling everybody about what I was doing because in the back of my mind their was still doubt and I didn't want to feed it with negative people telling my that Im dreaming. The only time it really ever came up was when I was drunk or something. lol
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    I've many problems with my bf as he always discourge me.

    But now i've a website and making $400-$500 per month. Nothing to proud of but good start.

    Never give up.Prove to them they are wrong
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    I've experienced this a few times. Those people who ask you "What do you do?" and when you reply saying "I'm an Internet Marketer" they give you a puzzled look.

    We end up doing so much more than our title. We wear so many hats and determine our own success.

    I've read something that stated;

    Starting a blog, we're an Entrepreneur
    Analysing our statistics, we're performing Managerial accounting
    Guest blogging to get traffic, we're Marketing

    It's the fact that our job description is one that others don't completely understand. So what's the result? They mock it, or devalue it.

    Just keep up your head and continue to keep going with it. Never give up, or give in. It's your dream, your desire.

    And most of all "Prove them wrong".
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    making money and creating results usually stops them in their tracks. Rise above it, grit your teeth or stop hanging out with them. Some people can suck the joy out of us with all their doubt, but it normally says more about them then it does about you so keep at it.

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