Is Autoblogged Still working and any body getting results...?

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I am confused about Autoblogged.Is it some using this software and is it really a good idea now or just a wastage of time..?
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    Sure its working fine but if you use it properly.It have many good features like Tags.Tags will be added automatically and all new posts will be assigned a category. This will increase the client’s business by targeting internet traffic to their website or blog.
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  • Wouldn't uniqueness of the blog be a concern? Does it autoblog unique articles?

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      Originally Posted by seoextremewithsophie View Post

      Wouldn't uniqueness of the blog be a concern? Does it autoblog unique articles?
      Sure Uniqueness is important and Google analyzed your website overall performance.How much unique content you post and how much copied.Its totally based on feeds.What autoblogged do it just get top ranked blog posts and publish only few lines with the link of original post.Its just referring others by getting only few lines and Google index every page.Autoblogged not fully copied the others content its just posting feeds of others.Posting feeds have no problem with uniqueness.
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    have you heard about "content curation" ?? you need to learn more about that, tons of stuff here in WF. It's related to autoblog, but more to not-unique content.

    if I were you, I better study something else that's totally white hat , and sustainable

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