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Hi Warriors:

Hope the weekend was great.

I am hoping you could please give me some advice where I can market a service.

I have in the past used the Warrior Forum (Warriors For Hire) so I am aware of that avenue.

There is a lot of audio/video editing I can do and the nice thing with the internet since files can be sent all over the glob in seconds/minutes there is no territory that couldn't be explored.

Do you think posting in Craigslist (various cities) under

would be beneficial?

Are there websites/forums/boards/classified/sites you can recommend for me?

In the past when I was actively promoting the Rock & Roll books I had written I used a website/Social Media/writer forums/article writing.

Thank you for the suggestions and have a great day.
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    It seems like you have a good idea of where you want to market the services. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

    Fiverr (not sure if this is an insult, if it is...bear with me). The service is a great intro to video editing. You can do mini-edits on Fiverr, for example 5 minutes of editing, and build up a list of testimonials from happy customers to use on other sites.

    Job Boards-places like Elance and Odesk always have a need for video editors. People will pay more for those services, so you are not scraping by on the $1.50 per hour jobs.

    Network, Network, Network-Choose a niche, and then start networking in that niche. You will find that if you start using sites like Google+ and LinkedIn to connect with professionals along with tools like Skype and Hangouts you can build up connections and referrals.

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      Hi Andy Nathan:

      Thanks for the reply and Fiverr or any site is not an insult. I am looking for information and anything you and other Warriors post is very important.

      Unfortunately there aren't forums for audio/video editing the way there are for internet marketing/books/sports.

      Have a great day!

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