How to Get Great Results With Fiverr

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I get a lot of questions about buying on Fiverr. Some people think you can't get good work done there. Others love buying gigs.

As an experienced gig buyer, I can tell you that a lot depends on how you do it.

Here's how I make sure to get awesome results from my purchases:

Step 1: Define the task you are looking to get accomplished.
Make sure you know exactly what needs to be done.

Good: I need to transcribe a video
Bad: I have no idea how to rank on Google so I will browse Fiverr for gigs that promise first page rankings

Step 2: Define what is important to you

Good: Accuracy is crucial (specific)
Bad: I want someone good (too general)

Step 3: Use Fiverr search to look for what you need

Step 4: Sort results by rating

Step 5: Look at gigs with 100% rating that deliver within your time-frame

Step 6: For each gig, read the description, look at samples, and check out reviews. If relevant, make sure the samples suit your preferences. Ignore generic reviews, and pay attention to what's important to you (from step 2).

When you are done, you will probably be left with a handful of possible gigs.

Step 7: At this point all the gigs you are left with are good. Go with your gut feeling or pick the one with the most reviews.

Step 8: Order the gig

Step 9: Don't expect perfect results. Remember - you paid $5 for this. Don't expect a $500 job.

Step 10: If the provider did an excellent job, keep their name on file so you can use them over and over again and skip steps 2-9 in the future :-)

Examples of what I like to get on Fiverr:

* Graphics (ecovers, logos, facebook covers, etc)

* Video creation (not fake testimonials - those are unethical)

* Sound and technical editing for videos (a Fiverr provider once saved me by fixing a bad launch video)

* Writing (keep in mind that most writers will not be great quality)

* Submissions (article directories, bookmarking, video submissions, etc)

* Technical problems with blogs and other sites

* Little programming jobs

Do it wrong and you'll waste your money. Do it right and you'll get great work done for a tiny cost!

I hope this helps someone. If you've got anything to add or a question - post it below!
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    Because of the so much popularity, this amazing micro job website has filled with garbage people. In order to get a good worker, i think you have outlined some great points. I use fiverr only for graphics and video creation work. For real professional work, you should use elance,odesk freelancing websites.
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    • Profile picture of the author Brantley Whitley
      Great tips on hiring for Fiverr gigs! I've purchased well over 100 gigs in the last couple of years with varying degrees of success. But overall, I love the site, have a regular few people that do things for me that I can do but that take way too much of my time. Things that I hire out:

      -Installing wordpress themes and setting up with plugins I specify

      -Creating graphics--headers, banners, simple infographics, and ecovers


      -Video intros

      -Artwork--Had a lady create a sketch from a photograph, then put on canvas for christmas gifts

      Of course I've bought tons of others but those are the four things I continually go back for. Just little things that make my life easier.
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  • Profile picture of the author Moneymaker2012
    Really very great and worth applying tips. Mostly people don't like fiverr but this makes me believe in fiverr.
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    • Profile picture of the author Sara Young
      Originally Posted by Moneymaker2012 View Post

      Really very great and worth applying tips. Mostly people don't like fiverr but this makes me believe in fiverr.
      Fiverr should be seen as a tool. Like many other tools, it can be good or bad - depending on how you use it!

      Thanks everyone for adding some great points to this thread...
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      • Profile picture of the author MrFume
        I agree with you 100%-you need to know exactly what you want-hunt out the great providers. I have used Fiverr 150 times for various tasks-95% of work I received was top quality-the 5% that was not was my own fault for not researching the right sellers. If you know how to use it Fiverr is the best 'open Secret' in town!

        Digital Communication, building solutions for people to enable them to operate on the WWW BuzzMode

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    Great tips on how to USE fiverr as a buyer. One thing I'd like to add, select gig sellers that have made at least one sample available. Moreover, try to pick gig sellers that constantly give out samples based on previous work. This is called the 'live portfolio' feature and it is a life saver.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sarevok
    I agree.

    The MAIN THING you have to do is very specifically define your functional requirements.

    People on fiverr aren't paid to BRAINSTORM and figure out what you want.

    They're paid to follow a very precise set of rules.

    That's just my take on it.

    Don't hire them to run your business. Hire them to carry out a very specific set of instructions. That's when it's best utilized.

    Just my $.02. (This carries over to all avenues of outsourcing).
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  • Profile picture of the author xpesos
    These are nice tips.
    Fiverr has always been my favorite place for Buying any graphics related work from ebook cover to logo and so on
    Also my favorite place for video testimonials and Intro videos
    I mostly do well research and check out samples
    Once i have good results,i keep on going back to same sellers
    Also sometimes when it is difficult to explain,i make a dedicated video explaining every bit
    So yes you can find some good stuff on fiverr, you just need to find them wisely
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  • Profile picture of the author geekcodecreative
    Sara -

    These are great tips. As a seller (graphics) I love to hear the process people take to find me. This helps me get inside the users head to modify my profile. I am one who loves to tinker with words/images/tags/etc. to get the best results from the search and hopefully drive people to me! I feel like I always give out the $500 job because my goal is to over deliver and win your business for life and make you never look anywhere else, however as someone said this place is now filled with garbage at times. I have run into quite a few who provide raster graphics from a quick google search and claim it as custom vector...they never use the "live portfolio" go figure!
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  • Profile picture of the author ak1717
    I do 3D ebook covers & kindle covers on fiverr. I give 100% satisfaction guarantee & unlimited revisions.
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    • Profile picture of the author shaneymac
      Great tips, Sara! I'm Fiverr Level 1 seller in graphic niche (photoshop, logo mockup, vectorising...) and it is good to see Fiverr experience from buyer point of view. Fiverr had good and bad sides for sure, but I think that it is good platform for starting online freelance business and to establish connections with clients and build "brand".
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