Link Rotator? - help pls

by mmarc
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Hi Guys

I am looking to create paid campaign for my team members and I would like to start using link Rotator. Can you pls suggest some options?

big thanks

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    Hi Marcin.

    I'm now using Quality Click Control.

    I like that it's both a rotator and tracker. Also, it has geo-targetting for both sending and receiving clicks, which is very handy if you want traffic to go to different landing pages depending on where the visitors are located.

    If you need any further information please send me a PM.


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    If you're using Wordpress, you could try 'Adrotate', a simple plugin that does everything you should need - check it out here WordPress › AdRotate « WordPress Plugins
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      Originally Posted by MaurizioTiberi View Post

      @ClickMeter we just implemented a new Links Rotator, it's compatible with every link and can be used in WP too. You get the redirect/rotator features and all the analytics you can imagine, included, of course conversion tracking. It's free to try: Links rotator (How it works) : Support center
      I hate seeing self promotions and bringing back older posts. Plus I believe mmarc found another solution since then.
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    I've used ClickMagick for a while and have been very happy with it.
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  • My Click Boss for 80$ cant go wrong with that plus they have all the same geo stats that these other 400$ rotators have.

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    Another vote here for My Click Boss.

    Its simple and easy to use and has really helped me track and manage my links.

    I use it along with Pretty Link to "Pretty" up my links when I need to.. works like a charm

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    My click boss is really good as I learnt about them in a recently purchased WSO

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