Your 2014 marketing Plan

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The idea of a fresh start, and a new beginning is the best parts of ringing in the new year.

Everybody's hoping and wishing for a new life. Well instead of hoping and wishing here is a rock solid blueprint for reaching any goal you want in 2014.

First set your goals. Set goals that make you feel so good when you think about them. Goals you believe you can reach

Then find somebody who has accomplished your goals. If you want to have a million dollar per year business, find someone you like that has already reached your goals.

Learn everything you can from them, and do exactly what they do.

Buy all their products, pay for their coaching services. Watch how they do everything and begin to model them. Not copy, but model

The fastest way to reach you goals is to do exactly what the people who have already reached your goals are doing.

Study their every move, every email they send out.

I have selected 3 mentors for 2014. 2 of them have made over 100 Million dollars 1 of them has earned over a billion.

Take who you listen to very seriously.

I also have an email address where I am subscribed to only people who generate a few million dollars per year online, and I have been reading these emails for years.

This way you'll pick up on their language, and you'll naturally develop the skills that have made them who they are. Doing this you'll form a plan based around a proven blueprint from someone who has already reached your goals

Make 2014 your best year ever

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    Nick thanks for the great message. I was just sitting here this morning and putting together my plan for 2014 from all the notes I've been making since the end of November.

    Your post really frames this whole process well!
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    Very great share mate..
    Thank you very much
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      Thanks for advice & info mate.

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  • Great post Nick, here is to a prosperous 2014!! There is no doubt that the best way to be successful is to surround yourself with successful people and model their actions & behaviors.
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    I don't have any solid business plan for a totally new business/website but I have a total plan to change my habit. I think I need to be more consistent on what I am doing.

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    Make at least 50 sniper sites

    that all make a decent income monthly.
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    Yes, Yes & Yes again to that!

    You can learn a great deal by studying, learning and applying it to
    your online business.

    Once you begin to apply you learn from your own experiences and that
    is worth 1000 times more than just reading from a $10 e-book.

    You cannot progress until you TAKE ACTION though.

    You must be willing to get your feet wet and learn through your own efforts too
    and that is by far the best way to become a top online marketer yourself.

    People will naturally begin to follow you once you begin to share, help
    and teach others what you have learned yourself from your own
    experiences and results you've had.

    Great post and helps those who are lost in the jungle of information
    overload too to get a vision and start doing some actual WORK!

    All the best to you all
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    thanks everyone, glad I could help bring some clarity to your 2014 marketing plans, this plan has done right by me for many years, and I hope it does the same for you
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    Continue coming up with new, fresh ideas, building and planning my SaaS idea, build the app and get my first 50 customers. And exploring innovative ways to make money on the internet.
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  • Profile picture of the author krishparmar
    I had a plans in 2013 and executed some of 2014 I will execute all plans as I learn without action plans are just piece of paper.
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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    I will continue to do what i've been doing. Nothing will change - except growth in daily lead count, daily sales, and more time to do whatever i want. (ie: sleep all day... literally)
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    Thanks for the advice, great thread.
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    I'm also in the process of finishing my goals for 2014.

    I took some time to evaluate my 2013 goals first. Where I succeeded and where I fell short and why? Doing this analysis has taught me a few things. There are certain areas of my business that I truly excelled and others areas I completely missed the mark. My daily consistency was not there. I also realized there are many pieces that I will start to outsource this year that I was doing last year. I'm going to focus on my 20% and outsource the other 80%. I feel better about my processes, team and 2014.
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    Yes, setting goals, following mentors is a great approach mainly because where many people struggle is with building the certain belief required to really go after their goals.

    In other words, if your goal is to make $50K online within the next year, you may believe it is possible, but you MUST believe it is not only possible for YOU, but is CERTAIN if you go all-in. 99% of people don't have this level of belief and so they never commit all-in and produce results below what is possible.

    By following mentors (as long as it is the right mentors) can elevate this belief to where you 100% buy-in and live up to your true potential. Trick is to find the right mentor that you can relate to and that follows a plan that you feel fits your skills, desires and capabilities.

    My plans involve making improvements on an existing successful online set of businesses to make them convert at even higher returns. As always I will enter into at least 1 new niche - likely after testing 2-3.

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