Anyone know of successful membership sites in the non-IM niches?

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Hello Warriors,

Do any of you know of any membership sites in the non-IM niches that are successful or doing well? I'm obviously not talking about BIG brands or even names like BeachBody & P90X.

It would be interesting to see how they pull it off, what they offer, etc.
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    What kind of non membership places are we talking here? What category?
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      Originally Posted by Peak Curiosity View Post

      What kind of non membership places are we talking here? What category?
      It could be any category/niche/market outside the IM space.

      As a couple of Warriors have already mentioned, there are similar sites in the weight loss and deals/coupons markets.

      Of course, there are dating and social networking sites, but those are more subscription-based community platforms, of which a membership site is probably a subset.

      There are sites in the stock market advice & tips niche, which would require the seller to be a Wall Street genius. Since I'm not that today and don't (currently) intend to ever be, I'm not looking for that.

      I'm also hoping there are membership sites for restaurateurs, interior decorators, fitness trainers, etc. I'm more interested in seeing a few such sites. Can anyone please share URLs of such sites?
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    Sure, there are lots, I think. Some of the sites for deals and discounts have a community of over 90,000. Shouldn't take much research to find a few.
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      To findout if any easily do a google search for example "babycare membership" put membership after the niche word.

      To go into a membership venture have diffrent plans and prices ranging from 5-$49 so it gives them options to choose.

      Also your content should be a mixsure of ebooks, audio books, video and newsletter.

      If you require any forder help pls pm me.

      I hope this was helpful to you?
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    1) Club Jenna

    2) Bangbros

    3) Lady Sonia

    4) Wifey

    5) Hot Wife Rio

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    Ton, and tons. In fact I would recommend going this route if creating a membership site.
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