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I"m still a bit of a newbie to the idea of curating content and where the boundaries are, so far as what is acceptable and what is infringement.

I've noticed some really popular news sites that regularly repost content from other sites and the just put a link to the original at the bottom of the post. If the blog doesn't say copyrighted or otherwise prohibit this, is this considered to be OK, so long as the source is acknowledged?

I'm trying to learn where the boundaries are. Can anyone suggest ideas or sources to get up to speed asap?
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    No! Every original piece is automatically the copyright of the owner. No symbol or word needs to be given. That is just done as extra notice.

    Very popular sites that repost content have the permission of the other website. By the way, doing this and this only (reposting content) could end up destroying your search engine rankings. At the very least, add related links from your own website or other sites to make reposted content more unique and useful in its own right. And add as many completely original articles as time permits.

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    Will you be scraping or adding something of value? The only reason many sites tolerate this is because the big syndicators actually have something they need: traffic. However, if you are just going to take snippets so you can mash it all up for some SEO shenanigans, it might not end well for you.

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      I'll repeat what others have said, don't repost content. To make your site worth-while you want unique content.

      There are also many tools out there that can find this duplicate content, so you know Google|Bing|DDG have them internally too. In point of fact, these tools are designed to *reduce* the duplicate content
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    Google will penalise your website or blog if it picks up duplicate
    content there. Most News Website have a high authority ranking
    so will get away with curated content. Worst if you have a new website or blog
    curated content is not advised,
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      A few years ago this worked well. I had an article site that used material from other sites. Then Google decided the original was only one worth indexing and my traffic went down to nothing fast. If you want to use something from another site, read it and rewrite it in your own words (and I'm not talking a spin). Make it your original and you'll own it. It may be a little work but it will bring interested readers if it is written well.
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    Curation is a great way to add value to your site and connect your people with valuable content.

    I'm doing it by only quoting a small bit of the article - or simply linking to it with a brief blurb on why I think my people will find it interesting.

    You can see what I do on my blog, look at the Quickies category.

    Kelly McCausey
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      To repost from another site , ethically you would need their permission . Many sellers of curation software seem to tell their users as long as they refer back and credit the original site that its okay . Its not.

      People work hard or pay outsourcers to create content . Simply swiping their content without asking them first is theft of their material . Look at it this way , if you spend hours creating content for your sites would you be happy with someone coming in and copying your work .

      Create your own content .
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  • It's situational, and depends very much on how the curated content is being utilized. Anyone who points you to one extreme or the other ("CURATE ALL THE THINGS" or "Each piece of content is a precious virgin that should never be violated") is feeding you garbage.

    While you spend time reading people's signatures on a forum someone else is working to make the money you could have made.

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