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I have a small course I have created and would like to sell it on the ebay system
However as I understand ebay it is for auctioning one item at atime .

Is there a way to promote a product which many can purchase without having to do a single auction each time

I realise this is pretty basic however I did contact ebay but their answer was very unclear

Be glad of any advice

Regards Lennie G (greenhall)
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    Hey Lennie,

    Yes you can have multiple products. You need to specify the quantity that you have and so once 1 gets sold there are nine left etc. However I think you need a certain number of feedbacks in order to be able to do so. Check out this link: Selling multiple items

    One thing to remember though, you can't sell digital products on ebay. If your course is digital you'll need to send out some type of package, even if its just a CD. Also don't forget to gather emails of your buyers by offering a bonus or something. This works great and is extremely profitable because you build a great list of buyers

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      thanks Will appreciate your help
      regards Lennie G

      Leonard Greenhall

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      thanks for yyour reply - sorry so long getting back - still finding my way around the forum
      Your tip about opt ins is very helpful

      regards Lennie

      Leonard Greenhall

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    Someone once sold me a pirated software download link for $60 on eBay, pissed me off so much. And eBay did nothing... What should I do in case this ever happens again? Thanks!
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    Should I use dropshippers or wholesalers?
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    Consider a classified add. Ebay gives the option of doing this. I believe add lasts for 30 days with the option of auto renewing itself.

    People can just buy your product from the add. Put your sales copy on it, and you can have a simple paypal button to receive payment.

    The add will not go away when someone buys. Many can buy just like you want.
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    If you have your own squeeze page/ sales page then you can just do a Classified Ad. Otherwise, you can just list how many items are available during the listing process.

    Additionally, are you aware of their new digital information rules; you cannot list digital products, they must be shipped as hard goods.

    This basically means that you have to burn it to a CD.

    (just thought I'd throw that in just in case)

    See What I'm up to Now The New Blog

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