What is the fastest way to sell online?

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Dear all,

I wonder what is the fastest way to sell online. Currently, I am working on strategies how to sell my software online.

I would appreciate if any one can advise me what's the fastest way to sell online and produce result.

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    Fastest way? Ebay. For software? That's trickier.

    Software is just like any other information product. You need to get a site out there, grow traffic and capture leads.

    Do you have it listed on download.com? It's not a sales miracle but it can help. Submit it to other software listing sites. Try to get it reviewed. Maybe offer it for free for bloggers in your industry in exchange for a review.

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    I agree with Tyrus quickest way would be to offer it to some of the super gurus around the place for free to do a review and promote to their list, that way your software will get known to people and have a little buzz which should help your own sales.

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      Hi wtrade18
      first why you didn't tell us in your post here what is your software do ?
      second try to write review about your software and publish it in your site
      and you can write some articles about your softwareand submit these articles to articles directories

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    Make your own squuze page. And lead them to that website by post your ads on forums or PPC site , like Adwords or Y!SM
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    Hey trade,

    what you will have to do, if
    the software is brand new, you will have
    to create a capture page, to capture leads,
    than drive traffic using different traffic generation
    techniques such as:

    1. PPC
    2. Blogging
    3. Social Media
    4. SEO etc...

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