How often do you place affiliate links in your content?

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I have 30 or so unique articles on my site revolving around my targeting keywords.

I was wondering how often you guys put affiliate links in your content?

For example:

Article Title: 4 awesome ways to make pancakes

Body: Blah blah blah couple paragraphs

Affiliate link->"click here: free video showing how to make amazing pancakes in under 5 min"

More content blah blah blah

Any insight would be amazing!
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    Usually when I first bring up the product in my content I'll have a link for them, and then once more at the end. MAYBE throw in another in between that.
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    ok, so usually at the start of the content?

    Have you had any success with calls to action? Like "watch now" kinda thing? Or do you just try to make it look natural?
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    I suppose it depends on the content, how the product relates to the content and whether the product is naturally mentioned in the content. In other words, it's going to vary from one piece of content to the next.

    For example, if the product name is mentioned in the content, you'd probably link the product name a few times... and maybe even link a few related phrases.

    But, if the product is not naturally mentioned in the content, but relates to the content... maybe you'd mention it somewhere in the middle and at the end.

    I don't think there is any formula. Put however many you feel comfortable with, while thinking about the content from the reader's perspective. In the end, you want the reader to take action... not be annoyed and leave the page.
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    It depends what type of content, and my mind changes regularly.

    I basically do what works.

    What's working for me now? Is aggressively marketing links into any content that I create.

    Whether it's a video, a blog, or an email marketing session, I try to promote as aggressively as possible.

    Not obnoxiously, but as often as it makes sense.
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    Thanks guys!

    Does anybody else have input?
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    I always have a banner under the title, a link near or in the middle, and a call to action link at the end.

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    Rarely! More often than not I will include
    the link to an optin page in the article.
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      Originally Posted by kevin timothy View Post

      Rarely! More often than not I will include
      the link to an optin page in the article.
      ^^^ This is the answer. Affiliate links in articles turn most people away from you.
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