should I list my prices on my website?

by macgig
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I fix computers on the side for extra money. Is it a good idea to list my rates/prices on the website or let people ask what I charge?

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    Originally Posted by macgig View Post

    I fix computers on the side for extra money. Is it a good idea to list my rates/prices on the website or let people ask what I charge?

    List your prices. You want to give people as much info. as possible. Maybe they are comparing prices with other websites or wondering if they can afford your services.
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    TEST, TEST & TEST again.

    You'll be in a much more knowledgeable and educated position by
    actually going out and testing this first.

    If it doesn't work first time NO PROBLEM!

    You are now ten times wiser than you were just guessing at first.

    Action based results are worth ten times those of pure theory and
    guesswork results.

    All the best
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    thanks. both ideas make sense. I get a little ADD on minor details like this... so it may seem odd to some that I even ask. lol. thanks again.
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      I once owned a web design firm and we engaged in similar debates when starting out.

      The choices:

      • No prices: ask for a quote
      • Prices
      • "Starting at" prices
      We found prices worked out best. You can also make it clear on your page that if they require anything extra, you will be more than happy to give them a free quote.

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        I think you should definately list your prices. Because maybe there are some people who are comparing them.
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    I guess my concern about listing prices was that someone would see my prices and pick the guy with cheaper prices... I see computer repairs on the web now for $29 bucks.... not sure if it's legit but I'm seeing a lot of it lately. Its not worth my time or effort to go that low on my price.

    but I'm willing to try listing prices and see what happens.
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    It's typical in your industry to advertise a "free estimate" so you can
    get people to call and then sell them on the phone. But again, everybody
    does that so you may want to give a "flat price" quote for a very
    common problem such as "virus removal". Make this price competitive
    and then up-sell from there.

    I did computer repairs for a number of years and most of my business
    came through word of mouth. If you treat your customers well they
    would advertise your business for you, free.

    -Ray Edwards
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    all good ideas. time to make a few changes and see what happens. thanks again.
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    I agree with Raydal (this is Joan's hubby). I also did computer repair back in the day and what worked for me is similar to what works for most online marketing promotions. List some flat rates on a variety of services that are competitive and then upsell once you get in the door. I used to get in with a free virus removal offer, and most often I would find other common problems customers had (legitimate ones), which ended up with me getting paid.

    I've been out of that business for 7 years now, but my step-Dad still does it (even now at age 70) and, again, like Raydal, word of mouth keeps him busy.
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