Advice for noob, Liz Tomey quetion and financial goal question.

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After going through the 'where to start faze' the 'information overload faze' and the 'is this really or me faze' I've decided to get started and purchase a product from Liz Tomey.
My goal is to make $400 a week in the first few months and (don't laugh)
$100 a day within 3 months, something that i hope will be achievable because I've been made redundant and i want to spend my time working very hard on this. Obviously I want to make a full time living online.

I was wondering if any warriors would be able to tell me what they think of this It's a long sales letter so i don't expect anyone to read the whole thing but a quarter of the way down it says what I'll be learning to do.
My other questions are: How can i achieve my financial goal? Is it realistic? (I don't understand why so many people say 'I've been doing this for six months and only make $100 a week.')
Have you got any advice/anything else to add that will help me in some way?
Thank you all for your time..
P.S. The helpfulness and caliber of people on this forum astounds me-you guys are great!
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    Liz has helped many people including myself to understand what it takes to make money with an online business.

    These are the best of times for starting an online business for the serious but at 600 something bucks you better be ready to follow directions and take action.

    Hope This Helps!!


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    hey Jell,

    I have been working 8 month before I got my
    first payment, so do not worry about that. Money
    will come.

    As for the sales letter, they suppose to be long,
    that's one of the reasons they sell.

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      Thanks guys. I've heard Liz Tomey has done well for herself and she seems like a really nice person. It is a lot of money but I'm kind of hoping that the two main reasons people fail is because of their lack of belief and lack of *correct * action. Basing my success on that might not be the smartest thing to do...but then again it could be the best thing i ever do.
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    JELL, you are exactly right..

    You cant guarantee overnight success in this game but you can certainly set goals, work hard, get up each time you get knocked down and keep moving forward until you succeed.

    The reason most people dont succeed is because they give up too soon. (And yes, they lack self belief and dont take "correct" action) You have hit the nail on the head. There are other reasons of course, but I would count those as the biggest and most common.

    Genuinely, I wish you the very best of luck! (and let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to help)
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    Thank you Josh, it's good to be reassured. (I haven't proven it to myself yet)
    And thank you for offering your help, I don't like to use peoples time because time is one of lifes 'high priority's.
    I think that when people want something enough then they keep going for it until they find the right 'path' to where ever they want to get to.
    I think of it like this.
    It's the road to success....
    There can be lots of 'wrong ways'
    It's easy for people to get 'diverted' (distracted)
    We have to have a 'destination' (goals) otherwise we will be driving and have no idea where exactly we want to go.
    Then we need a 'map' (learning/planning/coaching/ect) so that we know how to get there. (Otherwise we will just be driving around-hoping to find it)
    That's how I look at it anyway...
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    I'd do a bit more research before joining. I can't say anything more.

    My New "Share All" Blog Is Coming Soon! Online & Offline Marketing, More!

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