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Hi everybody,

I'm just wondering if you can make money by direct linking to the sales page of an cb or jvzoo product. For example, do you think you could monetize 7search traffic (or any other ppc traffic) that way?

Thank you in advance,

Bastian Mann
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    In my opinion you can Monetize any link you post i use clix track as far as redirecting traffic directly to your sales page is not always recommended the coach I follow said to have a sales funnel in place give them value first then your sales presentation. In other way give them something of value to help them out then you can recommend your site, help them First by giving them value . All the best
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    Mate – I think it just depends on where you are getting traffic from. You have to do follow the terms and conditions.

    Some sources limit your ability to link directly to an affiliate offer.

    Another consideration is; why wouldn't you send your traffic to a squeeze page to get their email address before forwarding them to the offer?

    It would make a lot of sense (and you may well already know this) to focus on one, two or three niches and build up a list in each of those so you can send them future offers.

    Good luck with your marketing efforts!


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    So you basically think its better to link them to a squeeze page, offering a freebie and after that redirecting them to a offer page? I always struggle finding good freebies that match the product, do you have some resources for freebies?

    Thanks in advance,
    Bastian Mann
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    Many people suggest landing page or squeeze page but I would say it might work for you (direct linking) - That is how I make few sales per month by direct linking to product page.
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    Always capture emails. Building your lot should be a top priority in my opinion.
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    Create an optin form first and then redirect to the offer, at this way you will build your list and create a solid business foundation instead create create traffic for the product owner.
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    Direct linking may work in some case but it has many disadvantages. Also doing this in Bing and Adwords the wrong way will get your account banned so just be careful.
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