How can you provide Clickbank stats to another person?

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I am doing business with a partner who wants to see the clickbank stats for the product being promoted in real-time.

However, I do not want to provide access to the clickbank account.

Is there a way to provide the partner with a panel to login to clickbank only to view the stats (number of sales, refunds, etc.) for the particular product being promoted? (Not everything in the account)
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    There's not specifically I know of that would allow for this, however if you set up a Joint Venture partnership their percentage of each sale would automatically go into their account.
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    I'm not aware of a way to do this within ClickBank specifically, but if you are receiving email notifications, you can set up a filter to forward the notices for that product to your partner.

    The Joint Venture suggestion is a good one too. You might even be able to do a zero percent contract (if you only want to share stats), but I've never tried that before.
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    There is nothing like that exists. The best thing to do is to provide him daily screenshots.... and trust to each other.

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    Do a 'share screen' session on Skype so he can see you log in to your account. It's better than sending over a screenshot because they can easily be altered.
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