How big should new list be to start sending out your autoresponders

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Hello fellow warriors, when creating a new email list, how many members should you wait to be on your list before you start sending out your affiliate offers. 1, 10, 40, 1000, 10,000. When ?
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    Since they're autoresponders you start sending them as soon as anyone signs up. Everyone else who signs up will start at Day 1.
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    even if you only have 1 person on your list you should start, the whole purpose of having a list is to create sales, not just have a bunch of people for no reason.

    I email my list everyday, sometimes twice a day, and I make sales everyday. Its not the size of your list that matters it's how profitable it is.

    If I told people how much money I actually earned per subscriber on my email list, it would be a waste of breath because nobody would believe me, but it's way more than that $1 per subscriber per month BS
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    You should start sending offers from the first subscriber, and make your sales funnel ready before promoting it, and follow up subscribers since they join your list.
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    One of the main purposes of building a list is to automate your business. You should have a complete series of emails that go out automatically.

    There are 3 kinds of messages that should be in your email series...

    1. messages that are more personal so people on your list get to know you.
    2. Messages that offer very useful content so these people will get to like you.
    3. A product promotion so you make money.

    You mix these 3 types of emails in your series that goes out automatically, But, I usually have some kind of product recommendation even it it is just in a P.S.

    So the answer to your question is one person on your list and they should be getting a whole series of emails.

    You build an email list for a purpose. At the end of your series, promote another squeeze page to get them on another list and another series.

    People often ask why do you send me to a squeeze page when I'm already on your list?

    The answer is to easily get them on another list and automated email series.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    One reason for getting people in to a list is so you can help them solve the problems they have, either through free information or paid products and services.

    It would therefore be illogical to make the initial subscriber(s) wait for a solution.
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    Your autoresponder should be set up BEFORE you start building
    your list so it means that the first subscriber to the last would
    receive your messages. There is not a time period to wait.

    As mentioned above, that is what automation is all about.

    -Ray Edwards
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    Your question indicates you may not be thinking about your autoresponder in the right way.

    Yes, autoresponders allow you to blast out offers to your list, BUT...a better approach is to have a product or two in mind first, then seed your autoresponder with a sequence of emails (sales funnel via email) that accomplishes the following:

    1. Delivers what is promised to get the initial signup - this is a crucial point of your relationship with the prospect, if you fail here then you have lost them for good. Over-deliver and you setup a very favorable relationship going forward

    2. Share additional information with them that focuses at first on demonstrate you GET what they are struggling with or what they desire. This can be through a short story, case study, personal experience, video (link that you give in your email), etc...

    3. Share with them WHY the existing products and services don't fully you are not only connecting with their frustration, but you are setting up your own solution

    4. Share with them what WILL work...and WHY! This is what sets your product apart from the can do a soft offer after hitting them with this information

    5. Share elements that will bring social proof to your offering...testimonials, case studies, results examples, endorsements...anything that will help overcome people's fear of being taken advantage of and illicit the human desire to not be left behind or not miss out.

    6. Example of the product...a tip, technique, view inside, checklist, teleseminar, snippet of video or audio recording, etc... the idea is to give them a feel for your best stuff...

    7. More testimonials and a second tip...

    8. Offer this should be specially constructed to use psychological triggers such as scarcity, personalization, first mover advantage, refer back to what you have given them (reciprocity) and so on...

    9. Send them to a real-time view on how the offer is doing...for example if you ask your list for feedback on either your sales funnel or after purchase via Facebook comments or blog comments, you want to send your list back to these so they see activity

    Each of these can be duplicated multiple times or setup for a very quick sales funnel in the beginning and then built out over time to make it more manageable.

    I hope you see though that using an autoresponder is much more than just blasting out offers.

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    An interesting question that seems to flow from this thread is whether or not there is a good ratio of "informational non-affiliate" emails to "offer" emails to focus on.

    In other words, if I want to build a list for the long-term and establish a relationship with my list, then I should send out x number of non-offer related emails (with free information, solutions to problems, free reports or blog posts, etc) for every 1 offer or affiliate type email (where I will actually make sales from my subscribers).

    I am not really sure what the right answer is here. I don't necessarily know if there is a "magic" ratio of non-offer to offer emails. For example, I have heard the ratio of 3:1 used (eg, 3 non-promotional emails to every 1 promotional / offer email) but I am sure that it will really vary from list builder to list builder.

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    1 subscriber. I send out a promotion in my very first email to a new subscriber.

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    Are you possibly referring to selling solo ads to your list and how many you need on your list to start doing that?
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    Your autoresponder should all be set up in advance, I'd recommend 2 weeks worth of emails, before you even launch your site.

    Why miss out on any traffic or potential sales just because there's only a handful of people on your list?

    Do you think the people on your list are sitting there thinking "I'm not buying anything until there's 100 people on this list"?

    They don't know and it doesn't matter. Get the emails going out instantly.

    Remember though it's not just about sending out affiliate offers and if that's all your doing or all you care about is squeezing money out your list you'll not get very far.

    Give REAL value + market and you'll make sales.
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