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I'm setting up a site where a user opts in to my list to get a free report. I also am going to offer a free 4 part course that goes along with the free report.

Right now I have it setup so I give the free report away and within the report I have links to sign up for my membership site to get the free 4 part course.

Is this too much to ask? I'm thinking I should maybe just have the opt in be to access the membership site and include the free report as the introduction to the 4 part course.

Then I was thinking that if I kept the free report as a download, it would keep my membership site from filling up with people who will check it out and never come back.

Then I was thinking that if I just got them to the membership site some of those people would see the other things they could have access to and stick around and join a paid membership level.

Maybe I was just thinking too much this morning.
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    That is just about how my sales funnel works. In my free report I offer a 7-Day eCourse where you are offering your free report series. I put this free offer on the second page of the report right after I tell them what rights they have with the report.

    This is great because you can give the report giveaway rights and make a big deal about these rights.

    I also usually include a chapter at the end of the free reports on recommended uses for the report.

    You should have at least a ten email follow up series when they join you list. The second follow up should be content that reminds them about your free reports and how to get them.

    The other follow up messages should give more quailty content which also promote your paid membership levels.

    I have over a hundred of these free reports and I call them my automatic income generators. Each one promotes an email series on the second page that is different from the series they will get when they sign up for my list to get the free report.

    The last 2 emails in the series transission to or advertise a free report that is given away with a squeeze page so they are put on another list and another email series all promoting different products in some way.

    I try to automate as much as I can with my autoresponder.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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      Makes sense to me that requiring a sign-up would increase the quality of the leads.

      What are you using to manage your membership site? Could you auto-expire accounts that are not logged into after X amount of time?

      Or what if you used a evergreen launch of the 4 part course that then directed them to your other materials instead of hoping they just see it on the membership site.

      I'm interested in what you decide and the results.
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        You should go to Facebook and click the JOIN button for Jason Parker's List Building Club. There are 12,000+ members there with the focus on funnels and they would know exactly what you should do. Just post that question without any links to your membership site unless they ask you for them.

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