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Hi there.

I had previously asked for some advise for my website that I have been running for about 3 years. I did not initially make the website for money but for educational purposes.

I had some adsense on the website which made about £30 a month, then I discovered this forum by chance and saw there was much more potential.

My website gets between 60-100 unique visits a day and a large portion of those people are looking for a product (tickets to a tourist attraction). I was advised to either sell advertising space to local businesses or places affiliate links, as these would be the best monetization strategies.

I first offered by website ad space to local businesses but didn't reveice any responses, I'm not sure if I was pitching it wrong or it there was just no interest.

I then places affiliate links on my website for the product people are looking for, but have so far only had 1 sale. Does anyone have any advise? Am i not getting enough traffic for affiliate, is the website not good enough? I'm not making any money from this site now, at least with adsense it covered the cost of hosting.

Here it is: A guide to the Shard, London's tallest building. - The Shard, London

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    My website gets between 60-100 unique visits a day and a large portion of those people are looking for a product (tickets to a tourist attraction).
    Most CPA networks have email submit offers on airline tickets. You can try them. I made some good $$ with peerfly before on jetblue offers.

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    Sorry to say this dude, but your website is horrible - it's burning my eyes!

    How about a white background with black text for a start?

    I can see why you're not selling any tickets - I had to look hard at the page to see the links to the tickets.

    Now for the good news - you've got established traffic *yay*

    You just need to work on the visuals and a strong Call to Action.

    You're not too far from achieving success

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    I help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results online. Get in touch to see how we can help you build a 6 figure business.
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      Thanks for the input. At the moment the website is built using weebly but I plan to get a decent WordPress theme and build a better site there.

      What I'm wondering is if this type of website is capable of making money. I'm not after millions, but I am willing to put in the work if I can get, say, a hundred a week.
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    I wouldn't say your site is horrible, but the color scheme does cause all of the elements to blend together. Make sure navigation stands out a little more, and that your monetization links stand out even more.

    I'd also try small CPA offers as mentioned above, but since I've never run a site like yours and don't know where you're traffic's coming from, take that for what it's worth!
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    (If you know from where your traffic is coming, that should tell you some good places to start with monetization.)
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    It necessarily doesn't have to be adsense in order to gain traffic. Try some of the free methods.
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    A re-design will be beneficial. Sign up to some travel affiliate programs, or sign up for sites like orbitz, priceline, etc as an affiliate and begin selling packages with them.
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      The site is pretty. Well done. The one thing I would change is your call to action. "Click here to goto offer" Should be "Reserve now" or the like. "Offer" sounds like they might have to site through a 2 hour time share seminar or something.

      Make the Call to action standout. I would suggest using orange. Its statistically a good color, and it will actually go nice with your color scheme.

      The other thing I might do is contact the people you are affiliating with for your offers. See if they might give you some script for a more build in feel. It never hurts to ask. They want to make money as bad as you do, and Your site is an asset!

      Like others have said, you are just about there!
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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        Thanks for the feedback, I'll try out your tips.

        I get 90% of my traffic from google searches. The website ranks in the first page for a dozen or so relevant searches which I think is a good sign.

        I don't think random travel affiliate links will work for me, I'm getting traffic where people are looking for a specific product which I am offering, but I can't seem to get enough to click through.

        Sometimes I think I'm tantalisingly close to making some real money and other times I don't think it's possible.
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            They probably won't be thinking about my website though.
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