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by jungl
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Hey guys,
I've been very successful with Kindle marketing over the last year (I became a bestselling author) but I have yet to build an email list. I'm not looking to build a 100,000 member list, but just build a respectable list on a budget that I have a relationship with and that will actually buy from me.
I am looking into using my Kindle books to build my list and I have a GetResponse free trial so I can start building it. If any of you have tips for writing solo ads, who to buy from, or anything else that would help me build my list I would really appreciate it.
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    Why not, in your books, post a link to get a free copy of another one of your books provided that they give you their email address.

    This uses your already established traffic, gives the reader incentive to actually follow through, and will cost you virtually nothing.
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    Why not, in your books, post a link to get a free copy of another one of your books provided that they give you their email address.
    He is right!provide your ebook with a link of a new surprise (another book with more info and new stuff) after putting their mail but hope you know that people put fake emails to get book so send the downloading link on there mail so they have to put there live email address.
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    Yes, you should have a link in your books that lead to a capture page where people can enter their emails. Once they enter their emails, they'll be getting more info about your other books. As for solo ads, you can find some of the best solo ads here on WF. For writing effective solo copy, study copywriting. There are so many books and articles online on that topic. Some solo ad providers can write the copy for you. Look for these people as you're starting out.
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    It's not a bad idea to buy solo ads, but they should be from people who have lists that are very related to your niche.

    It's best when you can build authority in a specific niche on Kindle AND on a website. Then you can have ongoing income from the Kindle books and from a subscriber list. As others have mentioned, promote your subscription page to readers you already have. Give them something related to helping them continue to solve whatever problem/s they have once they subscribe.

    If you have time to blog on the same subject and/or put up some quick Youtube videos, then you have even more streams into your site. Be sure to have subscription form near the top of your site.
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      In my humble opinion, if you author a book and intend to publish it to Kindle (or any of the other online spots) you NEED to have a website that is nothing more than a promotion for your book! If your book is called "I Slept My Way To The Bottom," your domain will be, and the site is nothing more than your own review of YOUR book. Then you tie that site together with two or three (many) videos on YouTube that review your book too - those all work to drive traffic to your book, which by the way has links throughout that point readers back to your website for the "secret answers" to questions IN YOUR BOOK. On your book site, you have an opt-in page to trade their email for...oh let's say an audio version sample of your next book; or whatever your readers would be willing to give up their email address for.

      In other words, tie the book, website, videos, and everything else all together with the goal of selling the book, and earning the email address in exchange for something of value. This set of tactics has worked well for me, and I bet it would for you too?!
      Just my two cents worth! Peace!

      ps....believe it or not...I Googled the name of the book I just made up...and there isn't one....there are variations, but not that exact long tail. Imagine that nowadays? LOL
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