2014 SIX Figure Battle Plan

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A couple of major "headshift breakthroughs" I've undergone to help hit $Six figures in 2014... what are yours?

In 2013 I finally "cracked the code" as it were.
after almost 10 years of "observing" and "toying" I finally made the shift to "hatchling" marketer!!

now make no mistake I'm not claiming to be some bigshot!....Yet!

I'm barely into the 'learning' to crawl stages,... but I made the break and I've made a few thousand dollars.
Which if you've done it yourself you'll know is an AMAZING feeling!! .. words can't do it justice....

....and if you haven't, then be incouraged because if i can do it ANYONE can!!!

This year has been fantastic for me and I hope yours has too.... but 2014 is going to be UNBELIEVABLE!!

I've been quiet for a while because I've invested heavily back into my new "business"
and have been studying hard from two of the "greats".

And My goal for 2014 is to go from "learning to crawl, Hatchling marketer" making a few thousand dollars...
To reaching $100,000 (or more!) clear profit!!

Sounds daunting I know, but I am absolutely positive I will achieve it!

Now to do this, obviously will take a plan, and I'm just putting my year strategies together as we speak.

And I just wanted to share a couple of major "head shifts" I've already found are Essential to moving forward:


As I mentioned, I've just really been 'playing' at this, which is not a bad thing to begin with,
in fact it was one of the major factors which enabled me to get started in the first place! ....just treating it as a game or test.

BUT, now I'm getting serious It has to be treated as a propper 'Business'. Which after all is what I'm striving for..... a successful business I can be proud of!

This doesn't mean it can't be fun! ... Heck if I thought it meant "growing up" and being all "serious" all the time!... I'd give it a miss!!
......where's the fun in that!??
I don't even think I can do truly "serious"

But, you know what I mean,
Planning.....Daily, weekly, monthly, planing,.... Even just planning the night before what you're going to do tomorrow! has made soooo much difference already!

getting organised,...

keeping on top of the finances....

etc etc........ all things I have NEVER done!!
but need to be done now, and are already making a huge difference.

And Secondly:

the other REAL important "head shift" ... Is "Outsourcing"!!!

Know your strengths, focus on what you're good at, or the important stuff needed to move forward,..... and outsource everything else!!

Holy Cow, since I learned this one I am amazed I ever got ANYTHING done at all before!!! because I have been doing EVERYTHING myself!!

...just ONE example:

I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I will get totally immersed into whatever I'm doing and have no concept of time racing by!

I'm working on my new book, and normally I would do everything myself.

I could literally have spent a WEEK just designing the cover!!

BUT I outsourced it, ....forgot about it, and got on with other more important stuff....... and within 3 days (with a couple of tweaks) BAM! .............one professional ebook cover!!

You have no Idea how liberating it felt!!...... all that time saved!!....
........Now I want to outsource everything!!

Anyhoo........ I'm off again!! ...I don't half waffle on when I get started! sorry bout that. :rolleyes:

I'm going to shut up now.
Just wanted to share my thoughts with you.

I would love to hear what you think.

Here's to success!!

All the best,
Take it easy,

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