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It's been about 3 days and my site is having some slowness. I haven't received any sales nor any real big traffic that I'm used to. What can I do to fix this and what is the cause of this?
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    If by "slowness" you mean that your site has a long page load speed, you can try the following:

    1. to compress your photos.
    2. Advanced Lazy Load WP Plugin to delay image loading.
    3. Decreasing the number of images you use.
    4. Using a content delivery network (CDN). A popular one is MaxCDN.
    5. Decreasing the number of fonts you use across your site.
    6. Deactivating and deleting unnecessary plugins.
    7. Switching to a faster hosting provider.
    8. Hiring a professional page load speed optimization service.

    Use Website speed test to check your page load speed.

    Hope these help...

    EDIT: Never mind, I guess I read it wrong.
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      Hopefully you have at least Google analytics attached so you can try to see where people were coming into the site and where they aren't now.

      If you don't have any tracking, you can at least assume that the holidays have affected things to some degree. I know they have for company where I work and a friend's site who gets tons of traffic on a daily basis.
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    Check analytical and see where you were getting the big traffic from and find out why it stopped
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    I checked where it was coming from. It's coming from this site and another forum. My question is, how can I expand?
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      It almost sounds like your website was doing well and you stopped promoting it. If this one website is your only paycheck, then don't stop promoting it. I know 2 million dollar companies that are page ranked #1 on Google. They don't just stop because they are already #1. They hired staff who's sole job is to continue to SEO their website every single day. These 2 companies intend to remain ranked #1. I hope this helps.

      Best of luck to you!
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        Check that your shopping cart is fully functioning. I had the same thing happen to me and although my cart seemed to be functioning, when I went to complete the sale, it failed on the last screen. Also, did your search ranking fall? Somedays my site is ranked #1 or 2 on page one of google and then others it will be at the bottom. I notice lower traffic then.
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    I will chime in here with what I do to protect from ever having to wonder what is happening. I use Analytics to send me reports an autopilot to monitor traffic on an ongoing basis. I also set things up so you I receive alerts if something changes such as drops in traffic, spikes in traffic etc... I also monitor my ranks and receive alerts if there are major changes as well as site reputation (mentions of site and brand) with third party software. I also have third party monitoring of up time and site load speed issues.

    Once you figure out what is happening put things in place so you never have to wonder again. This becomes brutally important when you are running tons of properties. You don't want to find out weeks after the fact that there is an issue that could of been avoided.
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    There are some great options to find out why your website is loading slowly. First, I love as it will show you item by item what is taking long to load (is an image too big, is some javascript making your site slow, etc.).

    The next best option is Google's free service, called PageSpeed. Check it out here.

    Both services are free, and both services will give you actionable steps to make your site faster.
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    My problem is the way I am promoting is through forum posting. I'm not familiar with other ways. Google AdWords won't allow me to use them and just I'm stuck. It's almost like I need to post in order for traffic. I need some other ways to get traffic in.
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      Originally Posted by Disruption View Post

      My problem is the way I am promoting is through forum posting. I'm not familiar with other ways. Google AdWords won't allow me to use them and just I'm stuck. It's almost like I need to post in order for traffic. I need some other ways to get traffic in.
      If all you're doing is forum marketing...Sheesh! Get on some more traffic methods!

      Guest posting - social media marketing (free & paid) - SEO - content syndication - blog commenting - Bing PPC. There are tons of ways to get traffic out there.
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    Holidays are always a slow time for most sites, except maybe those depending on holiday/Christmas sales. If your site is more informational, you might try catering to the holiday crowd with tips on making the holidays more enjoyable, safer, etc. Even informational sites can provide useful purpose to online holiday shoppers with articles on safe Christmas shopping and avoiding identity theft during the holiday season. This will ensure your site gets traffic year around.
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