Taking my first leap at internet marketing my own digital product? Is Clickbank the way??

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Hi Warriors,

I've never been an entrepreneur but my freelance writing contracts are slowing down and I want a way to stabilize my income. I want to create products for people with physical disabilities...right now I'm stuck on "Dating for People with Disabilities.

I have one myself and I feel like a lot of people like me struggle with online dating and in-person dating in terms of how to go about explaining their challenge, what to say and do on dates etc...

My thing is that although my strength is writing, I don't know any HTML, I don't know about squeeze pages and the fastest way to set them up...and I don't know if paying clickbank for consulting is worth it.

Can anyone help me?

I haven't even researched my niche yet to find out if its worth it!! and I don't know what questions to ask ....in the very early stages here...
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    I would say Clickbank is definitely your best
    bet for just starting out.

    Even if you weren't CB would still be a great

    They won't be giving you consulting though,
    they just process the payments and take a
    percentage and direct people to the download

    There are a ton of resources for getting started
    with a salespage and a squeeze page.

    Search around Google and you find many resources
    for free squeeze page templates and sales page
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  • Heya JChoros,

    I'm sure you thoroughly did niche research, keyword research and market research before you focused on your chosen "niche need" (dating advice for people with disabilities)? If so, then let me try to give you some general answers to the questions that you posted:

    1. You mentioned you don't know anything about HTML. I assume you want to say that you're trying to set up a website?

    *** If so, then you can hire someone with WordPress expertise, graphics design skills, a proven track record of high quality work output and a reasonable service price from the Warriors For Hire section here (among other forums).

    2. You said you don't know anything about squeeze page setup. I'm sure you know that the primary objective of a squeeze page is to entice your target viewers to sign up to your mailing list?

    *** You can do this with a good offer. You can develop an enticing offer (like a digital product) and integrate it as a free or a reasonably priced downloadable product into your squeeze page.

    *** In terms of the technicalities involved in setting up a squeeze page, you can include this as a task for the person you'll be hiring for the development of your website.

    3. As for your enticing squeeze page copy and for the sales copy of your premium product, you mentioned you have content riting expertise. Perhaps you also have experience in copywriting?

    *** Otherwise, you can either learn copywriting fundamentals, or again hire someone else to do copywriting work for you.

    4. Test out your chosen "niche need", target keywords, target markets, ad copy, squeeze page copy, premium product sales page copy, squeeze page offer and premium product.

    *** You can prepare a fixed budget for PPC (Pay Per Click) or PPM (Pay Per Impression) or fixed monthly ad campaigns in websites and social networks (like Facebook) where your target viewers (people with disabilities who need dating advice) frequently hang out. This can help you determine if your chosen "niche need", target keywords and target markets are indeed profitable, if your ad copy is working, if your squeeze page copy is working, if your squeeze page offer is working, if your premium product sales page is working and/or if your premium product is working, without initially spending time and money among other resources beyond the budgets that you set.

    Hope this helps. By the way, I also have a disability -- I've been totally blind for more than 11 years now...

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    Clickbank is, without a doubt, the best choice for you.
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      Originally Posted by TheRealDudeman View Post

      Clickbank is, without a doubt, the best choice for you.
      I think he was referring to using clickbank for consulting.
      Are you a newbie who would love to learn how to start making money online? Boy, do I have a free report for you!
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    Have you thought of setting up your own dating website(s) for disabled people?

    As you are a pro writer you'll be able to create blog, social media etc which would be VERY relevant to your potential customers.

    PM me I'll help you setup.
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    Clickbank can be an option, but I'd advice selling using a paypal account first. Paypal usually converts better vs Clickbank. This happen to me and many others.... for IM niches, buyers are used to buy CB products. It's not the case for non IM products. Some buyers are doubtful when they see they need to pay on a clickBANK cart.

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    If you have no previous experience with Affiliate Networks as a product creator, I suggest you ignore everyone that says Clickbank is the way to go.

    Selling a product through Clickbank requires a listing fee. Then you'll have to learn how to set everything up in clickbank, which can be a rough learning curve if you aren't Internet Savvy. To top it off, they have higher fees for each sale than most other affiliate networks.

    I suggest you head over to Jvzoo and create your free account. Wander the site for a bit and see how things are done. It's a fairly basic website, and you should be focusing on the 'Seller' section. Listing a product is Free, and the fee's for each sale are much lower than Clickbank.

    They have a lot of features that Clickbank doesn't have, which may come in handy as your business expands. They have a full affiliate structure, with delayed and instant commissions.

    "Failure is feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions." -Fortune Cookie

    PLR Packages - WSO

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      Click bank is the best way to go, I know for sure that dating advice is one of the top niches but there is too many people out there giving a lot of repeated advice. if you can stand out from the crowd then I<m pretty sure you will get a lot of success
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    Couple a Facebook page directed to the needs of disabled people in the dating life with a direct link to your own Clickbank sales page for the ebook. Be sure to give practice dating advice to those who like your page, as well as lengthy motivational testimonials about your own experience as a disabled dater and how you came about writing this ebook. Your own story will sell more copies of the ebook than all the glossy sales pages.
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    Clickbank is great if you need affiliates promoting your product.
    However there are setup fees involved and if your product does not sell it will be dropped from the marketplace listings.
    Otherwise PayPal is an easy option.
    I also use Kunaki a lot - they ship anywhere in the world for $1 and cover the artwork, sales page etc, despathch of the product on CD or DVD. Sold thousands via their great service.
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