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by popkos
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Is it necessary to have the report brandable software for PLR content?
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    PLR content is normally in a format that can be easily edited, like a Text Document or Word Document. You don't need Brandable software to edit PLR content.
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      Is it necessary for brandable an affiliate links?
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        Originally Posted by popkos View Post

        Is it necessary for brandable an affiliate links?
        I'm not quite sure what you're asking here. But, if you're asking if it's necessary to use 'brandable,' or rather rebrandable software to place your affiliate links in PLR Content, then the answer is 'no.'

        You'd edit the PLR content just like you would any other document (the PLR content should be in an editable form).
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    If you are selling software with PLR - it would add value if you could make it rebrandable. I have had good success doing exactly that...

    However, if you are selling PLR to an ebook or video course you do not need to include a "branding software" but it would add value to the package. Just make sure that you deliver the package in a way that it can be used both right away and also easily editable for those that want to take advantage of the PLR to customize it to fit their own business.

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    If you mean can you make any of the links you put in to your re-worked PLR product re-brandable so that your readers can put in their own affiliate links then the answer to that is yes.

    Various options for that. For example Viral PDF eBooks - turn your PDF documents into a viral sales force

    You can set the links you wish to allow people to "rebrand" with theirs then of course they get any commissions generated via their link after say giving the rebrabnded ebook away (if you are granting give away rights).
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