Is people with physical disabilities a good target market?

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Never been an entrepreneur but my freelance writing contracts are slowing down and I want a way to stabilize my income. I want to create products for people with physical disabilities...right now I'm stuck on "Dating for People with Disabilities" or "Dateability".

I have one myself and I feel like a lot of people like me struggle with online dating and in-person dating in terms of how to go about explaining their challenge, what to say and do on dates etc...

On the other hand I have other niches within people with disabilities to explore...improving your confidence, learning fast and effective ways of cooking, saving money on taxes, dealing with mobility equipment and transportation..etc

I feel like I could create my own category say "independent living advice" and each of these niches would fall underneath that umbrella.

My question is where do I start? I feel like if I survey people they'll just tell me what I want to hear...and also, even if I start with dating or pick one to start, I only know writing, I don't know HTML, clickbank or anything. I only know enough to be a good writer and be an expert on disability. My budget is limited seeing as how my writing work is limited...

Can anybody help me with some tips, advice or just some real encouragement as to what I should do? I want to help people and I want to succeed!

Thanks Warriors
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    So, if I'm understanding you right, either you want to produce your own content for sale, or you want to just run a blog and use adsense/affiliate methods.

    Either way, good news! Html is easy. WordPress is great. Writing is usually the hard part. (Look how many people are hiring copywriters as opposed to site builders)

    That said, I would find your target customer first, then build your product/blog around what they want, not build a product/blog and then go find people interested in it.

    Are there any major players in social media within the niche? Ask them to post a survey or just a question asking what their followers would most want advice on. Do keyword research. Tailor your plan to where the money is.
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    I would think that being able to relate like you can to the reader would create a very loyal following. Might not be high numbers, but things like a forum (if there's not already a ton of them) targeting the niche where people could share experiences would also be a good draw. Granted I'm not a professional here. Just my opinion.
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    Since you have the writing skills, you've already accomplished the toughest job.

    I would do keyword research and amazon kindle research to see if you have a profitable niche.
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    I say go for it man. If you feel the niche and the energy is their, No need too hold back.
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    Yes. It's one I plan on going into myself. If I can find a good domain name.

    As for disabled dating, there are a few disabled dating sites. I've never joined one but see ads for them a lot since I visit "disabled sites." But you could do a blog talking about when to mention "it", posts for ABs on how all disabled people/needs aren't the same. And stuff like that.

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      Be VERY careful with the "dating with disabilities" idea. Just the very term could be insulting to some. It's also probably a VERY touchy subject with most of your audience, so you need to approach it with care and tact.

      I DO think you'd have a hard time attracting people with that angle. Most won't want to identify themselves as such and it's too easy to come across as patronizing and condescending.

      Frankly, I'd pick another way to serve that audience and leave the dating aspect alone completely at first.

      If you have a disability of any type, be open and share that. It will go a long way towards establishing rapport.

      Hope that helps!

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    indeed as you have the writing skills you could setup your own website.
    PM me for more info on how to do that.
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      Since you have the writing skills, you've already accomplished the toughest job.

      I would do keyword research and amazon kindle research to see if you have a profitable niche.
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      Check the sales rankings for the books you find. I would consider anything under 100,000 to be decent (the most popular Kindle ranking is #1, the next best is #2...the bigger the number the worse the book is doing)
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