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Just a few questions about site flipping:

1. When I sell my site, what do I give the buyer? I don't give him my hosting account, do I?
2. Same with the domain. Do I just edit the nameservers for him (depends on what to do with hosting) or can I transfer the domain to his account?

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    This is what I do but it depends on the terms of your sale.

    I download the website files using FTP software from my hosting account and then email all the files to the buyer in a zip file. Another option is to give the buyer limited access to your hosting account so they can download the website files on their own.

    As for the domain, I use Namecheap for all my domains. I ask the buyer to create a free account at Namecheap and then I push the domain to their account (this is also free).

    If you are into website flipping another thing you can offer as a "bonus" to encourage the sale is free installation of the website on their hosting account.

    Hope this helps.
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    You can either download all the files for the site and send that to the buyer. Or just set up a separate account on a reseller hosting plan and give them login details to that.

    As for the domain you transfer it to them. If they don't already have an account at the place where the domain is registered e.g namecheap get them to create one.


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    Thank you both very much. Wasn't really sure about that.
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    I just went through this mess with Hostgator....what a mess.....it involved getting the EPP code to the buyer so they can do the domain name push to their host godaddy
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    I just went through this mess with Hostgator....what a mess.....it involved getting the EPP code to the buyer so they can do the domain name push to their host godaddy
    Yes, it can be a pain to transfer between different domain registrars.

    I use namecheap for my domains so what I usually do is only transfer it to their namecheap account - it's free for them to get one and it's literally just the click of a button to transfer it. If they want to transfer it over to godaddy or somewhere else they can do that later. Too much of a hassle otherwise.
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    Yep, this is the reason I always go HostGator for the server/FTP, NameCheap for the domains. Keeping them separate like that saves you a world of annoyance down the road. It's the best setup I think. Even when your client doesn't have or has never heard of NameCheap, getting them to open an account there is *much* easier than dealing with the cross-registrar issues.

    And I don't even flip websites all that much... but it's nice to know one has the flexibility to do so.

    - Harry Behrens

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    What you need to do is simple...
    transfer the domain name to the buyer, simplest way is pushing meaning your buyer open an account with your registrar even if its namecheap, godaddy or anyone and within a second the domain is in his account.

    There are cases your buyer will insist you transfer to another registrar of his choice for reasons, you can do this and it takes days to be in his new account.

    You will need to transfer all content of site to the new owner and he should not have access to your hosting account.
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    I push the domain to the buyer after changing the nameservers over to his, if desired. I offer free installation because I work with a lot of people who wouldn't have a clue as to how to install. If they want to install, I provide access to download the site files. I'll let them keep my hosting for a month to give them time to get the site transferred.

    I have a reseller Hostgator account so that i can safely give them cpanel access for their sites until they transfer it off.
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